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NEW YORK CITY: A new video is making the rounds of an unknown gunman shooting a police officer in Queens on Wednesday afternoon, April 5. Surveillance footage captures the moment Officer Brett Boller wrestles with the suspect before collapsing to the ground on 161st Street around 3:20 p.m. in Jamaica. The gunman then points the gun at the cop, before quickly backing away.

The video also shows the suspected shooter dropping something as he tries to flee and then picking it up on the street behind a white SUV, according to new video obtained by the NY Post. One of the passers-by apparently sees a boy trying to avoid the shots as he hides among the cars parked on the street.

A food delivery cyclist paddles for his life after turning around in the opposite direction. The victim suffered a blow to the hip and is recovering at Jamaica Hospital on Thursday after receiving surgery, according to police and sources close to him.


Brett Boller Age

The age of Brett Boller was just 22 years.

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Who shot Brett Boller ?

Chris H, one of the eyewitnesses, said he watched the incident unfold from his hawker counter on Jamaica Avenue. “[Two] officers were chasing the guy. Before turning the corner [161st St], one of the officers tripped over himself. His partner almost bumped into him. His hat fell.

He tried to retrieve it but kept running with his partner. I went and picked it up. I gave it to another officer,” he said before adding, “I thought the guy had tried to steal something. I didn’t even think he had a gun on him.” The vendor said he only shot himself before cops rushed to verify what happened.


The peddler continued: “I went up the block. I saw the officer on the ground. His partner was holding the wound. There wasn’t that much blood. His partner told him: ‘The ambulance is almost here. You’re doing it right'”. Chris said the policeman complained: “It was like you were playing football and you were tackled badly, like ‘ahhhhh, ahhhhh’… like you sprained your ankle or something.”

“I saw the police putting duct tape all over the place,” said a garage worker. “The NYPD did a good job. I take the bus all the time. He has a gun on the bus. That’s ridiculous. Who carries a gun on a bus? he added he.Read More……

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