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Leticia Martinez-Cosman went missing after attending a Seattle Mariners game with a male escort at T-Mobile Park on Friday night. A 58-year-old woman has disappeared after dating at a baseball game. The Seattle Police Department shared in its journal that Leticia Martinez-Cosman was last seen at T-Mobile Park on Friday night attending a Seattle Mariners game with a male escort.

The police department said Thursday that it had arrested a 46-year-old man in a murder and kidnapping investigation related to the disappearance of Martínez-Cosmán. The suspect, identified as Brett Gitchel, was booked into the King County Jail, KTSU reports.

Martinez-Cosman was last heard from when she went to a Seattle Mariners game with a man she recently met. Her brother, Ricardo, said that Martínez-Cosmán and the man had met a few weeks ago and that the last time he contacted her family was when he sent a photo of her and her in-game quote. , according to


Brett Gitchel Age

The age of Brett Gitchel is 46 years.

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Charges on Brett Gitchel

Although authorities identified and interviewed the man who accompanied Martinez-Cosman to the game, Seattle police detectives announced Thursday that his whereabouts remain unknown.

It is unclear if he is the same person Martinez-Cosman was last seen with. According to court documents obtained by Fox News Digital, Gitchel also has prior convictions for drugs, auto theft, domestic violence and making false statements to a public official.


“He’s out of the ordinary. He’s so in touch with her family, her families, really everything that’s important to her,” Liz Latham, a friend of Martinez-Cosman, told “Leticia has a son, Patrick, who requires special attention. He is neurodivergent and has special needs. So she is in contact with her son 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always looking out for him, he lives with she and she had been saving for years to try to get a bigger house for both of us.”

In a statement issued by the Mariners to KIRO 7, the baseball organization said they are in contact with law enforcement and have offered assistance with the case. We are aware of the situation and we take it very seriously. We have been in contact with law enforcement and have offered all the help we can provide,” the statement said.Read More……

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