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Authorities said they caught a child molestation defendant who allegedly faked his death and crossed the country to escape justice. Christen Allen Wright, 38, is in Indiana‘s Clark County Jail, waiting for extradition, cops said.

Deputies said he faced a felony warrant out of Maricopa County, Arizona, for sexual misconduct with a minor, molestation of a child, and three counts of sexual conduct with a minor. The Phoenix resident allegedly had an acquaintance pretend to be a nurse and trick his family into believing he was dead.

Christen Allen Wright Age

The age of Christen Allen Wright is 38 years.


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Christen Allen Wright allegedly faked his death

“Authorities in Arizona relayed information to our agency that Mr. Wright had attempted to deceive investigators into believing he was deceased by driving to a local hospital in Arizona and having an acquaintance phone his family and tell them he was deceased, and they needed to collect his personal property from the hospital,” Clark County deputies wrote. “The acquaintance posed as a nurse and dressed in scrubs to deceive family members when they collected his personal property. This act of deception assisted Mr. Wright in fleeing Arizona.”

Clark County deputies and Jeffersonville police in Indiana worked with their police counterparts in El Mirage, Arizona, in an investigation into Wright’s whereabouts. They claimed to get information that he was in the area.

Investigators said they found Wright at a home in the 600 block of Georgian Avenue in Sellersburg, Indiana. The Southern Indiana Regional Swat Team arrested him without incident, authorities said. Wright is at the Clark County Jail waiting to be extradited back to Maricopa County, Arizona, they said.Read More……


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