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Christopher Gonzalez 41-year-old Florida man who sexually assaulted and strangled to death a 25-year-old woman before dumping her body on the side of a road nearly 20 years ago will spend at least several decades in a New York state penitentiary. Westchester County Judge Robert Neary sentenced Christopher Gonzalez on Friday to 20 years to life in prison for the brutal 2005 murder of Angel Serbay, according to a news release from the Westchester District Attorney’s Office. Serbay’s mother read a victim impact statement before the judge handed down the sentence.

“While I am grateful that his killer, Christopher González, was finally caught and I am grateful that law enforcement never gave up on catching him, the years of waiting have taken their toll on me and have been excruciating,” she said. “I do not forgive Christopher González. I think he is an evil, ruthless and soulless man. Authorities say Gonzalez raped, beat and strangled Serbay, a Yonkers mother, on Sept. 3, 2005. He then wrapped her body in a sheet and dumped it on the shoulder of Sprain Brook Parkway in Greensburgh, about 25 miles north. from New York. York City. His remains were seen by a passerby who contacted the New York State Police.

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The age of Christopher Gonzalez is 41 years.

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A subsequent joint investigation by the NYSP and the New York City Police Department linked Serbay’s death through forensics to another woman who had been murdered in the Bronx five years earlier. That victim, Dora Delvalle Almontaser, was 19 years old when she was raped and strangled to death with a telephone cord while house-sitting for her uncle in the Bronx in 2000. Police recovered fluids and a fingerprint from the victim and crime scene. At the time, no matches were found for either, but police created a “John Doe” profile based on the alleged killer’s DNA.

Authorities said DNA evidence recovered from DNA evidence from Serbay’s body matched the DNA profile of Almontaser’s killer, but the profile did not match anyone in police databases at the time. The two cases went cold. In November 2017, a Bronx detective reopened the Almontaser case and re-fingerprinted the alleged killer. This time, the fingerprint turned out to be a match to Gonzalez, who had been arrested eight months earlier for driving without a license.

Gonzalez reportedly posted $500 bail and returned to his home in Naples, Florida, after his traffic violation. But New York State Police and NYPD detectives soon came knocking on his door. He was arrested and charged with Almontaser’s murder while the investigation into the second murder continued.


In May 2019, Gonzalez was charged in Westchester County with Serbay’s murder. He was charged with two counts of first degree murder, three counts of second degree murder, and one count of first degree rape and one count of first degree criminal sex act. While at the Empire State, González lived blocks away from each of the women he was accused of raping and killing.

In December, González pleaded guilty to committing both murders in exchange for prosecutors agreeing to recommend that he serve between 20 years and life in prison on each count. “Ángel Serbay was murdered and inhumanely abandoned on the side of the road, and now, 18 years later, we have obtained justice for her family, friends and her community,” said Westchester D.A. Miriam E. Rocah said in a statement. “Today’s sentencing holds this defendant accountable for his heinous crime.“read More…..

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