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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – A nine-year-old girl who was shot while trying to pull a fire alarm to rescue her friends and classmates was remembered as a “beacon of light” during her pink and green funeral. The Evelyn Dieckhaus memorial was held at Woodmount Christian Church in Nashville on Friday, March 31, just three miles from The Covenant School, where the haunting massacre took place on Monday, March 27.

She is the first of six victims, whose funeral was attended by mourners wearing pink ribbons and children carrying stuffed animals. The heroic Evelyn was trying to pull the fire alarm when she was shot by transgender gunmen Audrey Hale, along with her schoolmates Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney, all nine years old, and school principal Katherine Koonce, 60, substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, 61, and school janitor Mike Hill. , 61. Services for Hallie and Peak are expected to take place on Saturday.

Evelyn Dieckhaus Age

The age of Evelyn Dieckhauswas just 9 years.


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vEvelyn Dieckhaus cause of death

A photo of Evelyn wearing a bright pink headband was used on service shows to pay tribute to her “infectious laugh” and her “angelic” voice. Senior Pastor Clay Stauffer told the large crowd: “Evelyn could have been anything. But she chose to be a beacon of light and hope, love and joy to those around her. She was an amazing girl,” the Daily Mail reported The Obituary. de Evelyn described her as “strong but never aggressive”, adding that she had “poise beyond the years”. “This girl could read a room. It was clear to everyone who knew her that Evelyn Dieckhaus knew who she was. She understood where she would fit into any scene and always where she would be needed.”

Evelyn’s aunt clears up the details that led to the nightmarish massacre. Her aunt, Kelly Dorrance, said she believed Evelyn, who was the class leader, was leading a line of children in what she believed was a fire drill. “We are finding out that the shooter may have pulled the fire alarm to get the kids out of his classroom,” Dorrance said in a private Instagram post reported by Daily Beast. “Evelyn, one of the class leaders, was at the front of the line taking over the fire drill. She was trying to get her classmates to safety and possibly didn’t hear the yelling for them to come back into the room. Stuff that children should never worry about.”

However, Hale’s motive behind the mass shooting remains unclear, as she is reported to have disagreed with her devout Christian parents because they “could not accept” that she was gay and transgender. Hale, who used he/he pronouns and began identifying as Aiden, was turned away by the coordinator of her parents’ church, Norma, 61, and her husband, Ronald, 64, to dress as a man. in his house. Police Chief John Drake said Hale suffered from “emotional disturbance” and described her as having “high-functioning” autism and that she was under medical care. According to her reports, her parents were aware of her gun collection and asked her to sell it because she could not be trusted, instead Hale hid her arsenal. Chief Drake said: “The police knew nothing about the treatment, and clearly she shouldn’t have any weapons.”Read More…..


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