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CALIFORNIA: Justin Roiland , co-creator of the adult animated sitcom ‘Rick and Morty,’ beset by scandal, was dismissed from his domestic violence charges on Wednesday the 22nd. The charges stem from a 2020 incident and were made by a woman he was dating. Details of the accusation remain unspecified, however the Emmy winner has pleaded not guilty.

“We dismissed the charges today because there was insufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt,” Kimberly Edds, a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office, said in a statement. Edds said “significant additional information has come to light.” Roiland also broke the news that the case was dismissed: “I always knew these claims were false,” she wrote in a statement on Twitter.

A lawyer for Roiland said the district attorney’s office conducted a “thorough review of the facts.” “I am grateful that justice has prevailed,” attorney T Edward Welbourn wrote in the statement. Following the outbreak of his charges, Adult Swim announced it was parting ways with Roiland, who voices the sitcom’s namesake characters Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. and recast the two main characters. Roiland said in Wednesday’s statement that he “will move forward and focus on both my creative endeavors and restoring my good name,” NBC reported.


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The age of Justin Roiland is not known.

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Justin Roiland

Fans of the show flocked to Reddit to express their fury over the case’s involvement. One user wrote: “Weird person making weird animated shows behaving weird. Everyone is in awe and wish they hadn’t paid attention to him!” Another seconded: “The DA was the one who filed the charges in the first place. It sounds like maybe their lawyer(s) talked them out of doing it or something. Something is seriously wrong with this.” A third stated, “That guy’s ‘game’ is SO fucking embarrassing.”

Another said: “This stinks to heaven. She never came forward, never did anything except get a restraining order and file this complaint right away. They sat around for years before getting it dismissed, that’s…weird AF. Especially with the “seriousness of the charges. I know it happened during covid, but…” One added: “It doesn’t really sound like she was trying to call it off, it sounds like she was doing everything the right way, and it sounds like the prosecutors and the police They believed her if she got that far.” “The fact that he was never found guilty at trial doesn’t necessarily make him innocent either. It just means the case wasn’t strong enough,” another said.Read more……


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