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Police arrested two teenagers in a violent robbery attack that was caught on video and left a woman paralyzed with a serious spinal injury from the assault. Officers identified 17-year-old Joseph Harrell on surveillance footage beating the body of victim Nhung Truong 44, and robbing her in a February 13 incident in Houston, Texas. They also say 19-year-old Zy’Nika Ayesha Woods was nearby in a car, helping as a getaway driver.

“Actually, when I saw it [the video], I was really upset,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said at a news conference Friday announcing the arrests. “I hit her like she was a bag of chips.” “This type of violence will not be tolerated in our city,” Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said. Police previously said Truong went to Bank of America at 9875 Blackhawk Boulevard on February 13 and withdrew a large sum of money for an upcoming trip.

“The victim then drove 24 miles to the 9800 block of Bellaire [Boulevard],” they wrote. “It is likely that the suspects were monitoring the bank and followed the victim to his next location.” Cops now say that Harrell and Woods were following her in a car. Truong walked past a shopping center with an envelope containing cash, officials said.


Nhung Truong Age

Thea age of Nhung Truong is 44 years.

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Nhung Truong

Cops now say it’s Harrell in the video wearing a red hood with white sleeves and black shorts. He is supposedly the person who grabbed Truong and fought with her. The red-hooded figure picked something up, fled briefly, but returned immediately when he realized he didn’t have the victim’s money, police said. Truong tried to run away from her, but her figure grabbed her and appeared to hit her with her body in a briefly edited portion of the footage.


Police now say Harrell ran to the vehicle he was waiting for and Woods drove off. Truong was unconscious for some time and suffered serious injuries, authorities said. He reportedly said that he cannot feel her left leg or walk with it. “They don’t know when my leg will be able to walk again,” Truong, a mother of three from Vietnam, told KHOU through her daughter in a March 10 report.

Authorities said the victim suffered broken ribs and a spinal injury from her, leaving her “paralyzed from the waist down,” according to court documents on Woods’ bail. A GoFundMe campaign to support Truong has raised $266,593 of a $120,000 goal through Monday. She was released from the hospital on Friday, her daughter Linh Thuy Duong wrote in an update.

Houston police Detective Tyrus Fontenot told reporters Friday that local surveillance footage was key to solving the crime because they obtained the license plate number of the getaway vehicle. Images showed the suspect vehicle was a blue Chevy Cobalt, according to Woods’ bond documents.


Also, Woods matched the description of the driver on the video, he said. She was pulled over for a traffic violation, Fontenot said. Woods allegedly not only confessed but also implicated Harrell. As part of the confession, she said she drove Harrell as they followed the victim from Bank of America to the mall, according to the documents. She waited while Harrell robbed the woman, chased him away after the robbery and took her share of her money, she allegedly admitted.

Authorities charged both teens with aggravated robbery with grievous bodily injury. Harrell also faces an unrelated charge of aggravated assault. Police said Woods has no criminal record, but Harrell’s record is mostly in the juvenile system. Harrell faced a total bond of $240,000, Harris County records show. Woods’ bail is set at $50,000.Read More,,,,,,

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