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An American tourist, Raymond Vincent Ashcroft, who was exploring ancient Mayan ruins hidden in the Guatemalan rainforest, mysteriously disappeared without a trace on Friday, February 3. The incident occurred when Ashcroft, 66, and his wife, Van Phung, were exploring the famous Tikal National Park with a ten-person birding group.

Sharing that the birding group was led by two Eagle Eyes tour guides, Phung said, “We started the morning of February 3 by walking the main trail and a side trail of the park in search of birds,” according to PrensalLibre. He said that around noon, the group was returning to the hotel for lunch when they noticed a crocodile next to the pond in front of the hotel entrance.

Raymond Vincent Ashcroft Age

The age of Raymond Vincent Ashcroft is 66 years.


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Raymond Vincent Ashcroft went missing

They reportedly stopped to take pictures and even spotted a tiger heron. He claimed that Ashcroft was walking to the hotel, so he assumed that he had gone to the bathroom or was simply waiting for lunch. But when he got to the hotel lobby, he was surprised to find that he wasn’t there. Phung said, “When I got to the lobby I didn’t see him waiting for me, so I went to check the toilets at the back of the restaurant. Not finding my husband, I went to our room No. 31 to check if he was there, but he wasn’t.” ”, according to PrensalLibre.

Phung and Ashcroft, who have been married for 40 years, first met while working as pharmacists in the operating and intensive care units at a leading cancer hospital in Houston, Texas. She informed the two guides of her group of the disappearance of her husband at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, February 3.

The guards, two of the bird watchers and a hotel guard began a search. Phung claimed that they contacted the US Embassy in Guatemala at 5:00 p.m. m., who then contacted the Public Ministry. She and the other members of the group were


Phung revealed that Ashcroft, in addition to having memory problems, also has a condition that prevents him from sitting still for an extended period of time, except when Phung invites him to play a card game that she has downloaded onto her phone.

Phung adds that while Ashcraft is fidgety and finds ways to move, a problem with his left knee prevents him from walking much. She said: “His left knee prevents him from going very far without sitting down every 500 or so steps. Since he walks slowly, it’s strange that no one has seen him in less than 30 minutes since we last saw him around the pond in front of him. “. the hotel entrance,” according to the outlet.

Interpol responded with a “yellow notice” to help find a vulnerable missing Ashcroft when contacted by Guatemalan officials. Yellow alerts are used to identify people who cannot identify themselves or to help in the search for missing people, often teenagers.


The search for Ashcroft is still ongoing and Phung says he finds it strange that her husband left the hotel where she was staying so quickly. She is beginning to suspect that he might have been forcibly abducted or tricked into thinking someone would take him back to the hotel.Read More…..

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