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An elementary school vice principal who admitted to watching child sexual abuse videos on the dark web has been banned from teaching for life. Richard Swinnerton , 30, received a suspended prison sentence in 2020 after admitting to three counts of possession of illegal images of children related to Category A (the most serious), Category B and Category C.

Swinnerton told investigators after his arrest that the images he saw included adults raping children. He later resigned from his job at St. Clare’s Catholic Primary School in Middlesbrough, but a disciplinary panel from the Agency for Teaching Regulation has now banned him from teaching for life.

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The age of Richard Swinnerton is 30 years.


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Richard Swinnerton

The panel said that Swinnerton’s behavior and conviction were extremely serious given the nature of the crimes and recommended that he never be allowed to return to the profession. In its recommendation, the panel said that Swinnerton violated the Teacher Standards and that his behavior “would likely have had an impact on the safety of students and/or members of the public.”

They argued that if Swinnerton were allowed to continue teaching, it would “likely affect public confidence in the teaching profession.” The panel’s arguments were accepted by a representative of the Ministry of Education, who confirmed that Swinnerton would not be allowed to return to teaching.

Swinnerton used TOR (The Onion Router) software to make himself anonymous on the dark web while searching for content. Officials with the National Crime Agency (NCA) found no evidence to suggest that any of the images were taken at the school and there are no allegations of physical abuse.


NCA operations manager Julie Booker said at the time of Swinnerton’s conviction: “Offenders who see child sexual abuse contribute to more and more children being abused and sentence them to years of extreme trauma and suffering. “Every child in an image of abuse is revictimized when the photograph is viewed or shared.” A St Clare school spokesperson said: “This has been a disturbing matter for parents, carers, staff and the wider St Clare community.

“We are grateful for the support we have received from them and continue to reassure them that the well-being and safety of the children of St Clare remains our priority at all times. “It is also important to reiterate that this former employee’s crimes were not related to his employment at the school.”Read More……

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