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GEORGIA: A bride-to-be lived with her fiance’s corpse for a couple of months after she killed him in a desperate attempt to hide her crime. However, the grisly details of the incident came to light when the victim’s stepdaughter grew concerned after not hearing from him for months.

According to WSB-TV, Tabitha Zelida Wood  46, was found guilty of killing and concealing the death of her fiancé, Leroy Franklin Kramer Jr, 82, by a jury in Hall County, Georgia, on Friday. March 17. In June 2021, Kramer’s stepdaughter reported that she was concerned for his safety after not hearing from him for several months.

According to the autopsy report, the 82-year-old man had died of homicide, with the preliminary cause of death being sharp blunt trauma, the sheriff’s office said. Hall County Sheriff’s deputies discovered the body when they arrived at his home. Wood told authorities that Kramer had died in early April and that she had been living with his body ever since for more than two months.


Tabitha Zelida Wood Age

The age of Tabitha Zelida Wood is 46 years.

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Tabitha Zelida Wood accused of killing fiance

Wood was found guilty of felony manslaughter, two counts of felony manslaughter, aggravated assault, exploitation of an elderly person, concealment of death of another person and theft of financial transaction cards. Wood said she slept next to her dead fiancé for three days before “coming to her senses”. She realized he was dead only after that and said it was something she “couldn’t accept,” according to the Gainesville Times.

After being introduced by a mutual friend, Wood’s relationship with Kramer began after they met over breakfast at Burger King. Kramer explained that he needed help and was sick of living alone. Wood then moved into her Candler Road home in 2020 and became engaged to him the following year.


According to Wood, Kramer “became aggressive” as the relationship progressed. She claimed that he beat her with the belt, especially when she refused to have sex with him. Wood said Kramer asked her if she wanted to go to the bedroom and have sex at the time of her death, which she refused.

During the trial, Ella Wood said she told Kramer that she would have agreed to physical contact with him only if it would stop the abuse and torture. “I ended up not doing it and he started beating me with a belt again,” she added, according to the Daily Mail. Kramer told her she was going to have sex with him and marry him later that night, but she claimed he was supposed to he grabbed her hair as she tried to pull him away.

While she claimed that she kicked him, she also testified that he “could have possibly passed out.” Wood said she left the house and only returned to the house the next morning to make breakfast that Kramer never came to eat. “He was dripping blood from his nose. He kept shaking him and was like, ‘Leroy, please wake up. Please wake up,'” she added. Wood then lived with Kramer’s lifeless body for three days and then decided to hide the body at Kramer’s house because he believed “no one would listen” to his story.Read More……


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