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VIRGINIA – Abigail Zwerner, the teacher who was shot and injured by a six-year-old student at Richneck Elementary School, filed a $40 million lawsuit on Monday, March 3. The 25-year-old woman filed the lawsuit nearly three months after the incident occurred inside the classroom when the first grader who had a “history of random violence” shot her while she was teaching. Teacher shot by 6-year-old student.

The teacher is now moving forward with litigation accusing school officials of ignoring various warnings about the Virginia boy’s behavioral difficulties and firearms possession. Jeffrey Breit, one of Zwerner’s attorneys, said, “We know for a fact that there were at least three opportunities for them to stop this from happening,” according to Today.

The lawsuit said the disturbed young man’s story included “multiple reports that a firearm was on school property and likely in the possession of a violent individual,” adding that two days before the shooting, he was suspended for destroying the school. Zwerner’s phone. Warnings ignored by the Newport News school included another educator warning that before Zwerner was shot in class, “one of the students had seen the gun.” Breit said, “At that point, you have a time bomb at the school, and the school did nothing about it,” according to the NY Post.


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The age of Abigail Zwerner is 25 years.

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Abigail Zwerner files $40 million lawsuit

Zwerner decided to sue school officials after they claimed it was an ongoing workers’ compensation case and refused to settle. Speaking with Today, co-counsel Diane Toscano said: “That’s what they’ve argued, up until today, that that’s just part of the job” for a teacher to be “shot by her own student.” She responded to the “entirely preventable” incident by saying, “That’s unacceptable. That’s outrageous. And that’s not what happened here.”

The troubled youth only identified himself as John Doe previously tried to strangle another teacher in 2021 and in another incident, he “began to touch” a classmate “inappropriately” after she lifted up her dress. The complaint said that for “chasing students around the playground with a belt in an effort to spank them with it, as well as cursing staff and teachers,” the six-year-old was previously kept on a modified schedule.


However, the concerns and warnings of teachers “were always dismissed”. Instead of taking any action to prevent the risks, the boy was often seen returning from the school office “with some sort of reward, such as candy,” according to the lawsuit. rather than an action to prevent the risk he posed, the lawsuit claimed. Along with him, at least one of his parents was forced to attend school due to his violent behavior.

Two days after the end of his suspension for breaking Zwerner’s phone, the first grader returned to school on January 6. Per the school’s requirements, neither of his parents attended school with him and he was not given a “one-on-one” meeting. companion” after his return.

Ebony Parker, the then-assistant principal who later resigned after the shooting, “basically ignored” Zwerner’s concerns about the troublemaker’s “violent mood” while another teacher learned he had a gun, according to the lawsuit. The teacher reported that other children saw the boy hiding the gun in the pocket of a sweatshirt. However, Parker refused to allow the teachers to search the six-year-old boy and only searched his backpack.


Less than an hour into the search, the first grader shot Zwerner in the chest while she was teaching. Speaking on Today’s show in February, Zwerner said he thought he would die and revealed the bullet is still in his chest, adding: “I think he’ll always be there.“Read More……




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