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AUSTRALIA: A man was caught on camera digging a grave for his victim after killing him during an aggressive eviction attempt. Terrence Tiumalu, 31, faced the Victorian High Court on Tuesday April 4, where he was sentenced to seven and a half years for the manslaughter of Brendon Farrell, 33.

His friend Richard Jackson, Farrell’s housemate, asked Tiumalu to help evict him from the house where he lived. Tiumalu agreed and in May 2021 he went to Farrell’s house. In an unplanned attack, he impulsively assaulted Farrell by slapping him across the face, grabbing him by the back of his shirt, pulling him down, and punching him several times in the head and face, nearly killing him. He then took Farrell to his car and drove away from him.

Terrence Tiumalu Age

The age of Terrence Tiumaluis 31 years.


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Terrence Tiumalu accused of killing a man

Farrell’s body was in the car for several days, during which time Tiumalu contacted a friend and said, “I still have it,” according to 7News. A few days after that, he said, “The guy’s gone.” The reason for Farrell’s death could not be ascertained, however Justice John Champion of the Supreme Court of Victoria declared that it was evident that he was alive for an indeterminate period after the attack.

“You could have given him a chance for the sake of leaving him in a hospital,” the judge said. “Her failure by him to ensure that he received help was reprehensible and deserves condemnation.”

Recorded phone conversations revealed that Tiumalu spoke with another friend about his actions reported in the news and that he could face serious consequences if caught. Police conducted a search of his residence the next day and discovered boots and a shovel that were stained with blood. Additionally, videos recovered from a mobile phone that was seized during the search showed Tiumalu digging a grave in the backyard of a Noble Park property.


Upon investigation, law enforcement officers proceeded to the aforementioned property and discovered Farrell’s remains, which were concealed within a blue mat inside a tarp-covered canoe. During the trial, Farrell’s mother expressed her dismay that her son was not treated with the proper level of dignity and respect, even after his death.

According to the court, Tiumalu was afraid of being disowned by his family and going to prison, which influenced his behavior and decisions during that time, as stated by Justice Champion. He initially displayed a lack of remorse, understanding, compassion, and fundamental human qualities. Though he eventually showed remorse, Justice Champion noted that Tiumalu’s efforts to evade responsibility for his actions had tempered him. As a result, Justice Champion imposed a seven and a half year sentence on Tiumalu, with a minimum of five years before he is eligible for parole.Read More…….

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