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SAN JUAN TEOTIHUACAN, MEXICO: Victor Guzman a pilot has been arrested after escaping a hot air balloon crash in Mexico that left a husband and wife dead. His 13-year-old daughter is still hospitalized after falling 131 feet from the burning balloon. Victor Guzman was arrested after he jumped 16 feet from the damaged balloon and escaped. They brought him in after being released from the hospital with 90% of his body covered in burns.

Viridiana Becerril, 39, and Jose Nolasco, 50, died Saturday when the aircraft crashed in a huge explosion over a pre-Hispanic pyramid site in Teotihuacán, Mexico State. Regina Itzani, her 13-year-old daughter, managed to escape the crashed balloon before it hit Earth, but she is still in the hospital due to second-degree burns and a broken arm.

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The age of Victor Guzman is not declared.


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Victor Guzman accused of

Victor Guzman claimed to have handed over the balloon the family had rented for a surprise birthday trip because he wasn’t sure how to handle the situation, according to agents from the Mexico State Attorney General’s Office, the Daily Mail reported.

The Saturday morning hot air balloon incident is being investigated by Mexico’s Federal Aviation Agency. Horrifying video footage appears to show passengers exiting the ship, much to the horror of bystanders. Witnesses claimed Guzmán jumped from the balloon, leaving the family behind, as he floated on fire at a height of about 16 feet. He fell to the ground and then ran off. The balloon car was completely burned and shattered by the impact of the accident.

The business, Autocine Retroviso, is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Agency, which is also verifying whether it has the necessary insurance to cover accidents and whether it is authorized to provide the hot air balloon service. Zaid Sánchez, whose uncle Mario Vidal is the commissioner of Teotihuacan’s public security agency, owns the company.


According to a statement from the Teotihuacán Hot Air Balloon Federation, Autocinema Retroviso is not one of the eight companies that provide this service. “It is imperative that these same authorities act effectively to cancel the operations of companies that, unfortunately, operate outside the legal framework and sometimes clandestinely, affecting the safety of the operations of all of us who operate in the immediate vicinity of the site. archaeological site of Teotihuacan,” the federation said, according to the Daily Mail.

Although there are around 3,000 hot air balloon mishaps a year, fatal ones are incredibly rare. Only 16 people are believed to have died in hot air balloon accidents in the US between 2002 and 2016, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, according to the New York Post.Read More……..

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