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A six-year-old boy has been taken into custody after he allegedly deliberately shot his first grade teacher at his Virginia elementary school, leaving her seriously ill. 6 year old boy shot his female teacher Abby Zwerner

Newport News police have detained a student, who has not been publicly identified. The unidentified teacher, who is in her 30s, was reportedly shot in the stomach and taken to Riverside Regional Medical Center.

“The individual is a six-year-old student and is now in police custody,” Newport News chief Scott Drew said at a news conference Friday. ‘This was not an accidental shooting.


It was in a classroom, there was an altercation there,’ he said. ‘We didn’t have a situation where someone was going around the school shooting. We had a situation at a particular location where a firearm was discharged.

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The age of Abby Zwerner is 25 years a female teacher who was shot in the chest at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News around 2pm on Friday

Abby Zwerner


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The incident took place at Richneck Elementary School, a school for children ages five to nine, just before 2 p.m. No children were injured and police are working to find out how the child got access to the gun.

The grandmother of one of the students told that a student brought “shiny gold bullets” to school last week, but it is unclear if he is the same boy who was detained today.

The grandmother, who asked not to be named, said the boy allegedly “brought bullets to school last week and said he would bring his gun.” “A parent told the school they did nothing, now look,” she wrote on Facebook.


Virginia elementary school shooting 6 year old boy shot his female teacher

Speaking to, he said: ‘Parents outside said his son told them a boy brought shiny gold bullets to school and was thinking of bringing his gun.

The student told the parent, who informed the school. And yesterday the school responded to the father saying that the boy’s father said that he was a nerf bullet and the father said that nerf bullets are not shiny and gold. She wasn’t sure if the boy who brought the bullets is the same boy allegedly involved in today’s shooting.

However, the school does have the ability to metal detect students, Superintendent George Parker said at the news conference. They don’t test every student, every day, but they said every school in the district has the capacity to do it. “When we sense a threat or problem, we do random metal detection on those days,” Parker said Friday.


It’s unclear if the school improved testing after the bullet claim the previous week. “Today, our students got a lesson on gun violence,” Parker said. ‘We need to keep guns out of the reach of our youth.’

A British parent of one of the students, currently residing in the US because her husband is in the military, is now demanding that the city do something about the gun problem.

“Guns, that’s the biggest problem in this country,” she told WTKR. ‘Why is there a seven year old with a bloody gun? … How does a seven-year-old have a gun? ‘I’m only here because my husband is in the army. Otherwise, he would not have chosen to come to this country.’


Parker said the school would be closed Monday to work on the “mental health of our staff and students.” Police say the incident is no longer an active situation and that it was an isolated incident.

A six-year-old student told the Daily Press that the shooter was a classmate. The six-year-old girl who witnessed the shooting said her classmate shot the teacher ‘on purpose’ and the teacher fell to her knees.

The mother of a fourth-grader said she received a text from the school saying the shooting occurred and the suspect was in custody.


‘My heart stopped. She was crazy, very nervous. I was just wondering if that person was my son,’ Joselin Glover, whose son is Carlos Glover, told the Daily Press.

Despite his concern, he said the school handled the situation well. Mayor Phillip Jones agreed, saying, “The police did an amazing job, they were here very, very quickly along with the Sheriff’s Office.” We make sure everyone is safe, we make sure everyone is accounted for.”

The Uvalde Children’s Foundation also commented on the devastating incident, saying in a statement: “Today’s incident highlights, once again, the need to prioritize in this nation the protection of our schools, our students and the communities that care for them.” .


‘Once again, in another school in this nation; students face fear, instead of joy; lessons of violence – instead of peace. UNTIL those lessons change, our work continues.”Read More….

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