A French man has been accused of drugging his wife every night

A French man has been accused of drugging his wife and recording at least 83 ‘assailants’ raping her in a horrific cycle of abuse that spans ten years. ‘Dominique P’ is understood to have recruited his wife’s attackers from an online forum called ‘Without Her Knowing’, where users discuss performing sexual acts with unwitting partners, and stored evidence on a USB drive in a file named ‘ABUSES’. A French man has been accused of drugging his wife every night and then recording at least 51 men raping her.

Fifty-one men, ages 26 to 73, have been identified and charged with raping his wife of 50 years, pseudonym Françoise, and investigators found 92 cases between 2011 and 2020. Abuse took place in the town of Mazan, south of France, and was only uncovered after the man was caught up-skirting women in a local supermarket – prompting officers to search his home

It is alleged that her husband used the drug Lorazepam to sedate her wife by mixing it with her food, before inviting men to have sex with her while she was unconscious at her home in Mazan, near Avignon. Investigators learned of the horror after arresting Dominique in 2020 for filming customers’ skirts at a supermarket in nearby Carpentras, with a search of her Provence home uncovering camera equipment and ‘dozens of videos’ of child abuse. his wife.


A French man has been accused of drugging his wife

According to The Daily Telegraph, Dominique used an internet forum called ‘à son insu’ (‘without him/her knowing’) to organize his wife’s abuse while she slept.

Investigators have identified 92 cases of rape of Françoise, drawing up a list of 83 ‘assailants’, but have not yet identified all the alleged assailants. Among the defendants are a firefighter, a municipal councillor, a prison guard, a nurse and a journalist. In 2021, a total of 33 were reported to have been jailed thus far, with nine under arrest.

Louis-Alain Lemaire, a lawyer for some of the suspects, claimed at the time that some believed the wife was “pretending” to be unconscious as part of a sex game. Detectives argued that the suspects should have known the woman was high because her husband claims to have informed them before each episode of abuse.


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The alleged assaults occurred between 2011 and 2020, and the prosecution claims that Dominique insists that none of the attackers “gave up performing sexual acts with his wife given her condition.” They say Dominique ‘never used violence or threats’ to ensure the rapes occurred, adding: ‘Each individual was in possession of his free will to stop these acts and leave.’

Some of the rapists are understood to have come to the house multiple times. Many claim that they did not know that Françoise had not given her consent for the meetings. Allegedly, ‘guests’ were asked to park away from the house and to avoid bringing strong odors into the house, such as tobacco or perfume, which could wake it up.

One, who denied being raped, reportedly said: ‘She’s her wife, he does what he wants with her.’ Police learned of the videos during a preliminary investigation into Dominique in 2020 after it was suspected that she used a hidden camera to film women changing in a supermarket.


A trial is expected to take place next year. France3 previously reported that Dominique could receive up to 20 years for the alleged crimes. Françoise, who found out about the attacks after police found the tapes, said she suffered from gynecological problems, frequent fatigue and “mental wandering.”

Medical examinations also revealed that she had contracted four sexually transmitted infections. It is understood that she battled depression after the attacks and has since filed for divorce. Dominique, however, told the coroners that she loves his ‘holy’ wife. Her lawyer added that Françoise was “her first love of hers, in fact the only love of her life.”Read More……

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