A pickup truck runs over several pedestrians

The wild moment a van ran over several pedestrians while fleeing a police car after making donuts at a street performance in Atlanta. The driver of the Ford150 pickup, whose name was not released, was circling a busy intersection at 17th Street and Northside Drive Sunday night moments before a Georgia State Trooper began giving chase, prompting a frenzied scene. A pickup truck runs over several pedestrians while fleeing a police car after making donuts at a street show in Atlanta.

The video shows the horrific scene of the out-of-control vehicle running over several people who were standing in the street while others scatter as the police vehicle chases the assailant. Shocked onlookers were heard yelling, “Oh shit, as they watched the frenzied scene unfold.”

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Incident detail

In a final clip, the police car is seen crashing into the vehicle multiple times and then using a pursuit tactic known as a PIT maneuver, which forces the fleeing vehicle to spin sideways abruptly, causing the driver to lose control. and stop. The quickly acting officer is seen pulling the gun from him while the driver has his hands up.


The officer then jumps on the hood of the assailant’s car before pulling the driver out of the truck by the arm and then handcuffing him. Many bystanders were caught on video filming the action scene while others were heard cheering for the police officer. Once the officer pulled the suspect over, the driver did not appear to resist, The New York Post reported.

The number of people who were injured is unclear. Citizen Free Press posted – the showdown between good guy and bad guy – on X which went viral garnering nearly 4 million views and praised the cop for his heroism. “Cowboy cop waited his entire career for a moment like this,” they wrote, in part. ‘Excellent PIT maneuver.’ Read More…….

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