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A grieving family now remembers their young son Aeon Tocchini who lost his life on Wednesday night, January 4, after a large redwood fell on their home during a major storm.

The boy has been identified as Aeon Tocchini, who was at home with his parents when the unfortunate incident occurred. Now, her aunt Liz Haskins has started a GoFundMe for the boy’s funeral and the rebuilding of her house.

Calling the toddler “the sun,” Haskins wrote at the fundraiser: “Aeon, my beautiful nephew was also known as ‘Goldi’ in our family. You can tell it was because of his beautiful blonde hair, I say it was! because she shone like the sun! If you ever had the joy of meeting Goldie, you would know the light I speak of. Her light still shines so brightly in our hearts, and always will.”


She continued: “Goldie loved to dance, music moved her soul. He was kind, gentle and had the most loving spirit. He loved the outdoors like his mom and dad were his hero.

Aeon Tocchini Age

The age of child was just 2.

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Aeon Tocchini Cause of death

He was deeply adored by his family and instantly stole the hearts of those around him,” before saying, “Our hearts are broken and our family is shocked and shaken to the core. Aeon is the son of Dan and Aisha Tocchini, the little brother of Eden and Danny Tocchini, and the grandson of Daniel and Aileen Tocchini.”

Haskins added: “I ask that you consider blessing my brother and his family as they go through this horrible tragedy. All funds contributed will go toward funeral expenses to honor and celebrate Aeon’s life.


They will also help rebuild a young family. My brother not only lost his precious son, but he also lost his home. Three redwoods fell on his house and his truck during the storm. Your contributions will seed a new home, a new vehicle and will go towards supporting a family as they grieve their youngest child. Any amount is appreciated.”

Fundraising has received a lot of attention online. One person commented: “My condolences and all my love to this sweet baby’s family. I know nothing anyone says can make you feel better during this difficult time, but I found a quote that brought me some comfort during my most difficult days since I lost my father a month ago… ‘There are some who bring a light, so great to the world that even after they’re gone, the light remains.’”

Another wrote: “While we don’t know you personally, Sarah and I want to express our deepest condolences…we wish you the best during these difficult times. God bless them.” A third added: “This is an unimaginable loss, so we send our thoughts and prayers to the family during this difficult time.”Read More….


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