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Todd Chrisley, the convicted reality star, was sued for defamation the same day he was given a 12-year prison sentence. The 53-year-old is currently embroiled in a new legal battle with Amy Doherty-Heinze, a former special agent for the Georgia Department of Revenue. He claimed that Chrisley tried to tarnish her reputation by “falsely and maliciously” accusing her of criminal activity on her podcast and on social media, leading to a “vendetta” against her.

Doherty-Heinze reportedly said Chrisley went out of his way to have her rating revoked from the Georgia Peace Officer Standard and Training Council, which could have prevented her from getting a job. According to the complaint, he made a series of explosive allegations against her, including that she stole thousands of dollars from GDOR’s evidence room, had an adulterous relationship with her then-boss, and reportedly recorded a sex tape with him and another coworker.

Amy Doherty-Heinze Age

The age of Amy Doherty-Heinze is 53 years.


Amy Doherty-Heinze SEX TAPE ended in lawsuit for Todd Chrisley

The Daily Mail, which was first to report on the move, said this was the second Doherty-Heinz file, while the first was still waiting. Chrisley had already acknowledged that she did not have any sex tapes. In his early 2022 affidavit, he also acknowledged that he could not support the claims on the matter or that Doherty-Heinze was a “criminal.” The Georgia Department of Revenue began its investigation into the Chrisleys in 2017 and the online harassment was reported to have started shortly thereafter.

In July 2021, Doherty-Heinze sued Chrisley for the same offense saying that she accused her “of a multitude of crimes and misdeeds” on social media and her podcast while she was investigating him four years earlier. Chrisley had managed to evade notification until November 21, according to a source who spoke to the outlet, “but he was finally caught in Atlanta Federal Court when he appeared for sentencing.”

As previously reported, US District Judge Eleanor Ross in Atlanta gave Todd Chrisley 12 years in prison along with 16 months of probation, while his wife Julie was given seven years behind bars and 16 months of probation. . The Chrisleys were sentenced after being found guilty in early 2022 on charges including bank fraud and tax evasion. The prosecution said the reality stars submitted false documents to banks when applying for loans. In addition, they alleged that the 49-year-old mother of three rented a home in California using fraudulent bank and credit reports.


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