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The gunman who killed three students and then himself at Michigan State University last night was arrested in 2019 for having a loaded gun in his car. Anthony McRae , 43, opened fire on the MSU campus at 8:18 p.m. m. last night and shot two children to death in Berkey Hall before moving on to Union Hall, where he killed a third student.

His motive for the rampage remains unclear: he has no known ties to the school. Public records show that McRae lived in Lansing with his father. His mother died last year. It’s unclear what he did for the job, if at all. On social media, he ranted about God, frequently posting disturbing photos of exorcists, selfies with crucifixes and Bible verses. He also posted about schizophrenia and Satan.

Police also said McRae was found with a note in his pocket indicating a threat to two public schools in Ewing, New Jersey, which were closed for the day “out of an abundance of caution.” Angry Michigan Democrats called for gun reform today after the MSU shooting, which comes just 15 months after Ethan Crumbley killed four boys at Oxford High School.


Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin was furious at having to take the podium again so soon after the Oxford tragedy, which killed four students. ‘I can’t believe she’s here again doing this 15 months later. It fills me with rage that we have to have another press conference about the murders of our children in schools,” she said furiously. Previously, Governor Gretchen Whitmer said: ‘We cannot continue to live like this.’ Among the survivors of last night’s shooting are children who escaped from Crumbley just 15 months ago.

Anthony McRae Age

The age of Anthony McRae is 43 years.

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Anthony McRae accused of shooting at MSU

Andrea Ferguson’s daughter is in her first semester at MSU. She sheltered in place last night during the riot. “I never expected in my life to have to experience two school shootings. There are several children there with our daughter’s friends who are going through the same thing. “It was like reliving Oxford all over again,” she told Click2Detroit. Jennifer Mancini is another mother whose daughter was involved in both shootings. “She said, ‘Mom, I hear gunshots … What’s going on?'” she told The Detroit Free Press, asking that her daughter’s name not be used.


The gunman in last night’s attack was identified by police this morning as Anthony McRae, a 43-year-old man with no known ties to the school. It is not clear what the motive for the shooting was or what type of weapon he used. McRae killed himself before police got to him, after killing three MSU students in two different locations on campus last night and wounding five others. The names of those victims will be released later today.

McRae terrorized the campus for nearly four hours, running through the streets, brandishing a gun and firing bullets, but police have yet to establish a motive. The security camera clip showed him, dressed in a jean jacket, cap and red sneakers, nonchalantly wandering down a street he had just shot at two separate locations on campus. The 43-year-old shooter entered an academic building called Berkey Hall at 8:18 p.m. m. and fired indiscriminately at the occupants. Two people died on the spot and three others suffered serious injuries.

Police officers arrived on the scene in response to a torrent of urgent 911 calls, but the killer had already left the premises, headed west of the building and prowled the campus streets while searching for his next victims. Less than 15 minutes later, shots were reported at the MSU Union building, a popular place for students to eat, drink and study just a 10-minute walk from Berkey Hall.


One more person was killed at MSU Union and two more were injured. Hris Rozman, the acting deputy chief of Michigan State University police, said: ‘We have no idea why he came on campus. He was not affiliated in any way with Michigan State University, he is not a professor, student, or staff member. Rozman confirmed that the five people shot in the Monday night terror remained in critical condition at Sparrow Hospital. The MSU campus will now be closed for 48 hours after the attack.

Police also informed Ewing Township that the shooter had ties to the local area and had been found with a note in his pocket indicating a threat to two schools: Ewing High School and Fisher High School. In a statement, Dr. David Gentile, superintendent of schools for Ewing Township, said schools in the area had been closed “out of an abundance of caution” and police officers were stationed nearby.

“After further investigation, it was determined that the incident is isolated to Michigan and there is no threat to Ewing schools. Information received during our investigation indicated that McRae has not resided in the Ewing area in several years,” he added. Schools must reopen tomorrow, February 15. Michigan State University Police Chief Marlon Lynch announced around 12:30 p.m. m. that the attacker was dead. He said: ‘The suspect was located off the MSU campus and died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. This really has been a nightmare.


Lynch said that he had lifted the shelter-in-place order. He added: ‘This is the start of a long healing process for those affected. There are several different crime scenes that we are processing with our state and federal partners, and there is a lot of work to be done.’ Rozman previously urged terrified students on campus to stay in a safe place while they pursued the suspect, who he described as carrying a “long gun.”

The police chief told everyone to stay away from the surroundings and confirmed that all university activities will be canceled for the next 48 hours. Student Gabe Treutle was taking a chemistry test when he received news of a campus shooting on his cell phone. He told CNN: “Shortly after receiving the alert, I turned on the police radar in our area. “About ten minutes after I did, we received a report that the shooter migrated to an area block only once away from where I’m standing. That really scared us.

Michigan State University suspends all sporting events, as well as classes and all other activities on campus We have the door locked. We would appear through the windows trying to make sure he didn’t come near us. Not the best in our situation, but five minutes later they evacuated the entire building. The dining area. The police came to make sure everyone was okay.


Another student, Connor Anderson, explained that he was having dinner in the campus cafeteria when gunshots rang out across campus. He was in the cafeteria, which is on the second floor. I got a text from someone saying there had been a shooting. He was across campus. Basically, we’re in lockdown, everything was calm, everyone was listening to police reports,” Anderson explained.

“We heard that the shooter was approaching the location. He still thought we were safe. We started to lock the doors at some point. The SWAT team and the police came in and told us to get out of the cafeteria. We go down the stairs. We had our hands up. And we had to go to the nearest bus stop. The shots got closer and we were stranded in a parking lot. “It was a scary situation on every level. When the police said it was okay, “you guys have to get out of here” it was chaos. complete chaos. “People were being trampled, we had to go down and there was only one way out. It took a while. ‘All my friends are safe, but we are barricaded in my bedroom. “Once we got back to our dormitory, there were police going through bodies and frisking everyone.Read More…..

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