Auckland Mass shooting

Two people were killed and five others wounded in Auckland shooting incident just hours before the opening match of the women’s soccer World Cup in the city. The gunman, believed to be a 24-year-old construction worker, was armed with a pump-action shotgun and was moving around the construction site where he was working, shooting. After reaching the upper levels, he contained himself inside an elevator shaft and was involved in a shootout with police before being found dead a short time later.

A police officer was injured in the shooting, as were four members of the public. Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said the entire nation was mourning the deaths, describing the two injured police officers as heroes. “The victims went to work this morning like they do every morning, but they won’t be coming home tonight,” he said.

New Zealand’s largest city has welcomed thousands of international players and tourists for the ninth Women’s World Cup, co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. “People should feel safe while in Auckland,” Hipkins said after the shooting. “Obviously there will be an increased police presence around Auckland to provide reassurance to the public.”


“There was no identified political or ideological motivation for the shooting and therefore no national security risk,” Hipkins said. There will be no change to the threat level to New Zealand’s security. “Obviously we would prefer [the tournament] not to have started this way… I’m going [to the opening ceremony], it’s safe to go and we continue to encourage the whole community to get behind this,” he said.

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Auckland shooting incident detail

A passerby told local media that he was inside the building where the shooting took place and hid inside an office. “We just heard a massive gunshot, and then one of the guys came out of the office and ran in,” the man said. “We ran to the back of the building where I saw a bloody helmet. We could see the guy walking around with his gun.” Hotels housing various World Cup teams were in the immediate vicinity of the incident. The Norwegian and Philippine squads were within blocks of the incident. Squads from New Zealand, Italy and Vietnam were also in town.

Training for the Italy and United States teams was delayed because the players were unable to leave their hotel while the area was cordoned off. American player Lynn Williams said the incident was something she and her compatriots had dealt with “far too many times” in the United States, where gun violence is common. “There was definitely a feeling of ‘Let’s come together.’ We still have work to do. But also to recognize that there were lives lost and that’s very real and very devastating,” she said.


In the opening two World Cup matches on Thursday, New Zealand beat Norway 1-0 in Auckland, while Australia later faced Ireland in Sydney. A moment of silence was observed before the match began in Auckland, with players wearing black armbands in honor of those killed in the shootout.

Describing it as a “shocking and traumatic” event, Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said the shooter did not have a license to possess the weapon. The gunman was the subject of a house arrest sentence, but he had an exemption to work at the site. “The individual is known primarily because of his history of family violence. There is nothing to suggest that he presented a higher level of risk than indicated by that history,” Coster said.

Coster said the gunman had barricaded himself in an elevator on the third floor as Swat-type officers attacked him after securing the floors above and below. “The offender fired at police and injured an officer,” Coster said. “Shots were exchanged and the offender was later found dead.” It is not yet clear if he died from a bullet fired by police or if he committed suicide, Coster said. Coster said: “I want to acknowledge that this has been a shocking and traumatic event for those people who came to work and found themselves in the middle of an armed emergency.


“Fortunately, many people were able to escape the building, but I know that for those who hid or were trapped, this was a terrifying experience.” Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown said: “I have no recollection of anything like this happening in our beautiful city… The events this morning have been tragic and heartbreaking for all Aucklanders as this is not something we are used to.”

“While the details of the victims have not yet been confirmed, I want to express my condolences to their families,” he added. “I also want to express my sympathy for those in the construction industry and travelers who will feel nervous after this incident.” Gun violence is rare in New Zealand, which tightened its gun laws after a gunman killed 51 Muslim worshipers in Christchurch in 2019 in the country’s worst peacetime mass shooting.Read More…….

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