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COLORADO: Two people were injured during a shooting that took place at a Denver high school on Wednesday, March 22. A student, identified as Austin Lyle , was under a certain agreement to be frisked every day at East High School, allegedly shooting and wounding two school administrators.

The 17-year-old suspect was armed with a handgun and fled the school after the shooting. Denver police launched a manhunt for him, adding that the weapon used in the shooting has yet to be recovered. Both teachers are in serious condition, according to the hospital where they have been admitted. While one of the victims was undergoing surgery, the other was able to speak with authorities, authorities said.

Austin Lyle Age

the age of Austin Lyle is 17 years.


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Austin Lyle shot two school staffers

Denver police posted about the shooting on Twitter. “The Denver Police Department is responding to a shooting at East High School. Unknown number of victims at this time. Investigators are working to gather information, expect a large police presence in the area.”

Dever Police Chief Ron Thomas, during a press conference at the scene, said: “There was a student as mentioned. As part of a security plan, they were being searched. During that search, obviously, a weapon, a firearm was recovered and several shots were fired, hitting those two individuals.”

“That individual then fled the school, but we know who that individual is, and a search is underway to try to locate that particular individual,” the chief added. He described the suspect as an African-American teenager wearing an astronaut hoodie and warned the public not to approach him, calling him “armed and dangerous.”


Austin Lyle was to be searched at the start of each school day, authorities said. He allegedly shot school administrators when they frisked him Wednesday morning in the school office area that officials said was away from other students and staff, according to an MSN report. The daily searches for the suspect were part of a “security plan” that was the result of “past behavior,” authorities said, though they did not elaborate on the past behavior.

Denver school officials announced around 10 a.m. that the building had been closed, according to a New York Post report. About half an hour later, the district announced that the students would be taken to a separate location where parents could pick up their children.Read more……

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