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A University of Utah swimmer fled to his native Canada after being accused of raping a student. Benjamin Dennis Kai Smyth, 19, is accused of attacking the girl in her bedroom last year. Police say he ignored her multiple statements that she did not want to have sex and “pushed her shoulders to the ground” as she yelled “no.”

The alleged attack occurred in August last year. The student denounced him in February. In his first interview, he denied knowing the victim. He later admitted that the couple “did have sex” but said it was consensual. When officers returned days later to serve him a restraining order, his roommate said he had packed his bags.

Police were then informed by a private investigator that Smyth had fled to Canada. A warrant has been issued for Smyth’s arrest on one charge of rape. The University of Utah has removed Smyth’s name and photos from its track and field pages. He was kicked off the dive team after the girl’s initial report. Police say Smyth kept a list of all the women he had sex with.


Benjamin Dennis Kai Smyth Age

The age of Benjamin Dennis Kai Smyth is 19 years.

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Charges on Benjamin Dennis Kai Smyth

It is unclear if the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office will seek extradition. Court records obtained by describe how the student was reading a book in the common area of her dormitory building on August 16, 2022, when Smyth and her friends approached her.

She and Smyth exchanged contact information and later, he contacted her asking where her roommates were. Minutes after she told him that she was alone and her roommates were at a party, he showed up at her door. He suggested they play truth or dare, according to her arrest warrant, then began kissing her and questioning her about her sexual history.


‘At this point, Smyth began to kiss her and pushed her shoulders to lay her on the floor. [She] pushed SMYTH away from her saying she “didn’t want to do that,” the warrant says. He allegedly ignored her, took off her shirt and undid her bra, then took off her pants and “grabbed the back of her head and forced her to give him oral sex.” She “tried to push up, but he kept her head down,” according to the court order.

‘[She] pushed off Smyth’s chest and was able to stop herself. She shook her head at Smyth, indicating “no,” and he replied “fine, fine,” the warrant says. It is then alleged to her that he climbed on top of her and removed her underwear, telling her “everything was fine”, and ignoring her pleas that he did not want to have sex, telling her: ” I won’t go all the way.” inside, just a little bit for a minute.’

The warrant says that Smyth then compelled her. When she was about to ejaculate, she allegedly asked him if she could ejaculate in her mouth. When she said no, he ejaculated on her stomach and then “wiped the ejaculation off with his fingers and put it in her mouth.” The student reported the alleged crime in February.


Upon questioning, Smyth first denied knowing her. He later admitted that he knew her and that they had had sex, and admitted that she was in pain the whole time. University of Utah police did not arrest him and instead allowed her to return to his dorm room. When the police visited him a second time to enforce the restraining order, he had fled.

This week, the Salt Lake City District Attorney’s Office charged Smyth with first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy and sexual assault. Detectives spoke with two friends who he thought would testify to his good character, but who told police how he “boasted” himself about the number of women he had had sex with.

Smyth keeps a list of women he has sex with and shares the list with people to show off and “feed his ego” about him. “The second person stated that Smyth is ‘arrogant’ about the number of women he has sex with and stated that he is also aware of the list of women Smyth keeps that he kisses and has sex with,” says the order.Read More……


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