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TEXAS: Mexican authorities confirmed the discovery of the body of a missing Texas girl who was last heard from on April 6, 2023. Bionce Amaya Cortez, 20, reportedly sent her mother a cryptic message that day to the 1 am m. during the Easter trip to see her relatives in Nuevo León. The girl’s body was found dumped on a farm near where she was staying with bruises to her skull, spinal cord, and chest, according to the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office.

Bionce’s half-brother identified the victim, however DNA analysis is still ongoing. Bionce’s family had urged people to attend a march in China’s main square just hours before the shocking discovery was made. It was reportedly the location where Cortez was last seen. Authorities said warrants were issued for her arrest and the homes of the last known people to see her alive were searched.

Bionce Amaya Cortez Age

The age of Bionce Amaya Cortez was 20 years.


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Bionce Amaya Cortez missing woman found dead

On April 6, Bionce’s family reported her missing after she stopped communicating with them. She did not return to her Mission, Texas, home as scheduled on April 10. The last message from her, which only contained a heart emoji, was sent to her mother at 1 am. m. before she disappeared. “I answered at 2 in the morning and that message no longer entered her phone,” her mother said, according to The Sun. The family was further concerned when the friends she had been dating returned to their respective homes and gave differing accounts of what had happened to Bionce.

It is believed that she was left alone in a dark street although the reason is not yet known. “Each of the people who accompanied her have different stories, one says that she has not returned from Montemorelos, others say that she asked to be left on a street,” the young woman’s mother told Sin Embargo.

“Please, if you know anything, let me know and send me a message,” her sister had said as she urgently pleaded for help online. “I’m her sister and the last time she contacted my mother was Sunday night and after that the messages didn’t come in, she had to get back to Mission early Monday morning,” she added.Read More…….


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