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A wild-eyed, racist white woman who launched an attack on a Latino family for having a party at a pool complex has been appointed as an art consultant. Blair Featherman, 49, was filmed lashing out at her family during the racist tirade in Colorado, where a man from her own party had to hold her down.

The Lakewood woman called the group “trash” and said they should “go back to Denver” and chided them for “not knowing what Hermes is.” The ordeal took place at 4:25 p.m. m. at his apartment complex, where condos cost up to $6,500 a month to rent. Drawing a multi-person crowd, the woman continued to yell and harass the family in the clip, at one point yelling “Get the fuck out.”

Featherman used to work at Master’s Gallery Denver, who issued a statement distancing themselves from her, adding: “They condemn any action or statement that expresses hate or racism.” She also ran her own interior design and interior decorating business, Spatial Flow By Design Inc, where she claimed to be an expert in Feng Shui, the art of creating calm and harmony through the arrangement of objects in a room.


But those qualities were missing from Featherman’s tirade, which swept the Internet and sparked outrage. She has been branded a ‘racist Karen’, after the filmed incident, which eventually turned physical and garnered over a million views in a matter of hours.

Blair Featherman Age

The age of Blair Featherman is 49 year.

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Why Blair Featherman attack on a family

Police are called to the scene, but it is unclear if she was arrested. “Yes, that’s true,” the bikini-clad woman is heard saying in the widely viewed clip, visibly upset by the group’s presence. ‘You have a fucking Mexican party in a pool.’ At this point, the woman approaches the woman she is filming, before physically approaching her.


You can not do that. You can’t just record me,” the woman says, before taking the phone out of the hands of the person she is filming. Before that, an additional comment is heard from the app’s voice feature calling the woman ‘racist Karen’, while an accompanying caption asks social media users to help identify her.

The footage then cuts to what is supposed to be a few minutes later, with Featherman now being held down by a male member of her own group on one of the pool loungers. As this happens, she continues to berate the family for his presence. Several proceed to surround and argue with the woman, all while she continues to yell as she tries to confront the now angry group.

Amid the commotion, she can still be heard uttering xenophobic statements, including “Fuck you” and “Go back to Denver.” The woman proceeds to scream and scream for almost the entire duration of the video, which is just under a minute long. When one of the victims asked her to get out of the pool, she was heard replying that she lives in Lakewood, the affluent suburb where the complex is located.


At one point, she is heard angrily telling the family, who had been having a poolside party, “I live here, you’ve come from nowhere you fucking low class slime.” She then yells, ‘You don’t even know what Hermes is!’ To which one of the women in the crowd shows the scandals of her by saying, ‘I got it on my scandals, bitch.’

Featherman then says, ‘Oh, and these? Wait, wait, this is good, this? He appears to place a pill-sized object in the palm of his hand, while someone in the background says ‘no, no, no’. A clip then shows Featherman squirming on the lounger, while a man, believed to be in her entourage, frantically makes a phone call and grabs her by her shoulder.

He continues to point and yell profanity at the group around her. The video then cuts to a shot of at least three police officers arriving on the scene. They are seen talking to the woman and the man who had been holding her down, though the clip cuts out before the arrest is made.


The woman who posted the clip online wrote: ‘According to this karen, all mexicans are lower class. I hope this video is found by your coworkers, family and friends. ‘Acting like this at a family barbecue with children is absolutely disgusting. ‘It’s so sad when you’re racially profiled just because of the color of your skin. We received a lot of support since the last video posted.

‘Let’s keep the comments appropriate so we can continue to spread awareness. Justice will be served when we receive an apology (which we have not received yet).’ Master’s Gallery Denver, Featherman’s former employer, said in a statement: “It has come to our attention that a former employee appeared on social media expressing hateful and offensive statements.”

‘Master’s Gallery Denver has not employed this individual for over 5 years and condemns any action or statement that expresses hate or racism. “We represent and support artists and people of all backgrounds and will continue to do so.” As of Friday morning, it was not clear who called police. has contacted the Lakewood Police Department for comment. Read More……


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