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A new soccer team has hired the 38-year-old Brazilian goalie who masterminded the kidnapping and brutal murder of his model girlfriend. Bruno Fernandes de Souza received a 22-year prison sentence after admitting to planning the murder of 25-year-old Eliza Samudio, whose corpse was dismembered and fed to her pet Rottweilers in June 2010.

The former model and actress was kidnapped, assaulted and murdered by a group that also included a former police officer. The goalkeeper, who in Brazil is called Bruno, cheated on his wife with Samudio and she had her son. A paternity and child support suit ensued, and Bruno subsequently confessed to organizing the plot.

In March 2013, a judge sentenced him to 22 years and three months in prison after finding him responsible for ordering Eliza’s murder, hiding her body, and kidnapping the couple’s young son. However, in July 2019, Bruno’s closed prison term was changed to a semi-open one.


Bruno Fernandes de Souza Age

The age of Bruno Fernandes de Souza is 38 years.

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Charges on Bruno Fernandes de Souza

In a semi-open prison system, prisoners may work outside the prison during the day, but must return each night. However, due to the inadequate facilities at Varginha prison, officials allowed her to sleep at his house, where she was ordered to stay between 8 pm and 6 am every night. Bruno received parole from the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice in January of this year. The only stipulation for his release is that he report to the Rio de Janeiro Penitentiary Administration Secretariat every three months.

A club from Sao Paulo has already signed the former player from Atlético Mineiro, Corinthians and Flamengo. On Wednesday, Orion Futebol Clube posted a photo of the player with a wide smile and raising his clenched fist on social media to announce the signing. The club, which this year will participate in the Pioneer Super Cup, wrote: “Reserve for the position, welcome!” Orion is the seventh team to acquire Bruno since 2017, when he was granted habeas corpus before being ordered back to prison three months later. Bruno’s previous club was Atlético Carioca in Sao Goncalo, Rio de Janeiro State.


Samudio reportedly met Bruno at a footballers’ party in May 2009 and accidentally became pregnant. The janitor demanded that she have an abortion, but she refused, demanding instead that she claim paternity of the child. Samudio had contacted the police prior to her disappearance on June 4, 2010, alleging that Bruno and her associates had held her prisoner, forcing her to take an illegal abortion medication from her. Bruno is accused of putting a gun to her head and telling her: “You don’t know who I am or what I’m capable of, I’m from the favela.” The infant, named Bruninho, was born in February 2010, but the star flatly denied paternity.

Prosecutors claimed during the trial that Bruno had murdered Samudio after she threatened to sue him for failing to pay alimony. The soccer player’s teenage cousin, Jorge Rosa, said in a statement to police that he and Romao picked up Samudio and her son at a Rio de Janeiro hotel after she agreed to the soccer player’s request to discuss paternity allegations. . She claimed that she was transported 220 miles to Belo Horizonte, where she was locked up for six days at a property that Bruno and her wife used as a weekend getaway. Later, it is stated that her model was handed over to former military police officer Santos, who subjected her to “barbaric torture” before murdering her by tying her around her neck in front of her four-month-old son.

Santos, who was allegedly paid £8,000 to kill her, allegedly turned up the volume on the stereo to block out the victim’s screams, the Daily Mail reported. “Her acts were almost impossible to describe without falling apart – images of the worst nightmare you can imagine. “Detective Edson Moreira said of the case. Police later discovered Samudio’s four-month-old baby in a Belo Horizonte slum, allegedly abandoned there by Bruno’s wife, Dayane. Subsequent DNA tests confirmed the soccer player’s paternity and Samudio’s mother received custody of the child, according to the outlet.Read More…..


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