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David Bolno, the music executive who was initially considered a man of interest in Camila Sterling ‘s death, has been cleared by authorities. The woman was found dead in the bathtub of a Miami Beach hotel room rented by him and the singer. Her body was discovered face up in the bathtub after Bolno left a room at the Miami hotel, the Setai, which is a $2,600-a-night luxury facility.

According to records, Bolno left the hotel at 4:30 a.m. on March 30, leaving Sterling there. Her body was not discovered until 1 p.m. m., and authorities also found a suspicious substance in room 2805 next to it. Officials have yet to confirm what the substance was, meanwhile, the investigative team is trying to establish her cause of death.

Camila Sterling Age

The age of Camila Sterling is not declared.


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Camila Sterling cause of death

However, Miami police have cleared Bolno’s name and he is not a person of interest in the case. “There is an open death investigation pending the toxicology report from the medical examiner’s office to determine the official cause of death,” a police spokesperson said before adding that “Mr Bolno has been cooperative with our investigation and is not an person of interest”.

Bolno reacted to Sterling’s death, calling it a “terrible tragedy”. The father of two, who lives in Los Angeles with his family, told the Daily Mail: “From what they told me, they found her much later.” He further added that she was an aspiring musician and that he had arranged for her to have her own room in her hotel, but “there’s not much else.” Bolno, who is a partner at NKSFB, the nation’s largest business management firm, and has collaborated with top artists in the fields of music, television and film, said he would have liked to sign a contract with Sterling .

“I really liked her. She was helping her make music… It was a terrible tragedy. She had vacated the room first thing in the morning, so she wasn’t there when they found her. It was very sad, she was someone I really liked and she was a good person. Bolno said. The 46-year-old executive who has worked with musicians like Drake and Post Malone added: “She was really sad, she was someone I really liked and she was a good person.” Police spokesman Ernesto Rodríguez said of the recorded images of the Sentai hotel: “If there is any video recording, it would not be available until the case has been closed. The only information I have is what is in the police report.”Read More…….


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