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A mother and stepfather in Oklahoma, already accused of beating and starving their children for years, have been charged with killing their 11-year-old son, who has not been seen since 2021. Camille Rechae Lewis and John Lawrence Miles, arrested in February on child abuse charges, now face an additional count of second-degree murder each in the alleged death of young Orlando Hugger Jr., court records reviewed by Law&Crime show.

Lewis and Miles were previously charged with two counts of child abuse by injuring, torturing or maiming and four counts of child neglect. Miles was also charged with an additional count of child sexual abuse in relation to Lewis’s 13-year-old daughter.

It all started when the children’s grandmother contacted police on Jan. 27 to file a report on her grandson, Orlando, saying he had been missing for several years and was possibly dead, according to a Police Department news release. from Tulsa.


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Charges on Camille Rechae Lewis and John Lawrence Miles

In addition to the missing child, the grandmother reported to authorities that her granddaughter — whose name has not been released publicly — had been subjected to severe and prolonged sexual abuse at the hands of Miles. The grandmother told investigators that her daughter had left the 13-year-old girl with her in September 2022. The grandmother described the girl as “skin and bones” from malnutrition, authorities said.

The grandmother also said that when Lewis dropped the boy off, Lewis told her that Orlando was dead. In an interview with investigators, the 13-year-old girl said her mother and stepfather regularly abused her and Orlando, beating them and locking them in separate closets for days, police said. The girl said that she did not feed them and that they were often beaten with belts and ropes.

“The girl said that she sometimes had to urinate/fecate in a bag/cup in the closet,” police said. “She said that sometimes she and her brother were forced to sleep in an igloo-style doghouse in the backyard and exercise outside when it’s really cold.” The girl told investigators that her stepfather offered her food in exchange for sexual favors, police said. Like her grandmother, the 13-year-old said Lewis told her about her brother’s death.


“The girl said in March 2021 that she heard her mother crying and begging her brother to wake up,” police said. “The girl said that her mother later told her that her brother had a seizure and died, and they didn’t take him to the hospital because they didn’t want to get in trouble.”

After Orlando’s alleged death in August 2021, Lewis allegedly told his daughter that Miles and one of his cousins buried the body in a park before digging up the body, burning the remains in a barrel, and dumping the ashes down a storm drain, according to police. When officers arrested Camille Lewis on February 7, they said she admitted to abusing her son and causing the scars seen on her daughter’s body, but that she had not seen her son. since she ran away.

Orlando’s father, Orlando Hugger Sr., told Tulsa Fox affiliate KOKI-TV that he was involved in his son’s life until Lewis, who had custody of Orlando, stopped letting him see the boy in 2019. He said he tried to file a missing persons report. he reported in January and tried to contact the state Department of Human Services, but nothing was done.


“I feel like I could have done more personally, I also feel like others could have done more too,” Hugger Sr. reportedly said. “To be honest, it bothers me. Because someone did it to her, and as a parent, I want to protect my children. This is the biggest disappointment. He needed me more to protect him, and I couldn’t.” Miles and Lewis are scheduled to appear in court again on June 13, records show.Read More……

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