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GREECE: The grandparents of the man who killed Caroline Crouch in front of her young daughter have been unsuccessful in their efforts to gain custody of their granddaughter. The 20-year-old British mother was strangled to death by Babis Anagnostopoulos, 35, in May 2021 in front of the couple’s nine-month-old daughter, Lydia. He was sentenced to life in prison last year.

While orchestrating a fake robbery at his home in a posh Athens district, the Greek pilot also killed Caroline’s beloved dog. After nearly two years, a court in Athens rejected the request by Anagnostopoulos’s parents that the couple’s daughter Lydia live with them, according to The Sun.

The girl’s Greek grandparents will now only have one hour of contact with her each week “via Skype or other electronic methods,” according to the court order. Caroline Crouch’s family lawyer, Thanassis Haramanis, said: “It’s what we wanted in every way. The girl will now live peacefully with Caroline’s sister and mother Susan in the Philippines. Lydia couldn’t be happier. there,” as reported by the Daily Mail.


Caroline Crouch Age

The age of Caroline Crouch was 20 years.

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Who Caroline Crouch died?

The decision puts an end to the Anagnostopoulos family’s efforts to get Lydia back to Greece. It follows last month’s request for Anagnostopoulos to reduce his 27-year sentence. Caroline’s father, David, criticized her son-in-law when he started her appeal in Athens, saying: “It is absolutely despicable that my daughter’s killer is trying to reduce her prison sentence due to ‘good behavior of her’ of her”.

“The crime that the murderer commits, that of femicide, is a heinous crime that should deserve a particularly severe penalty. In my opinion, men who kill their wives, for whatever reason, are the lowest of the low, next to pedophiles,” he said. aggregate. “I think it will be a sad day for women when the murderer of a defenseless woman who slept with her son serves less than his full prison sentence. This man is beyond contempt.”


Anagnostopoulos’ defense team claims that the initial trial did not consider any mitigating factors and that he only reacted violently because “Caroline had pushed Lydia” and he was “worried” about her daughter.

They further state that he maintained the pretense of a fictitious break-in for nearly six weeks out of fear that Lydia would be taken away and left with no one to care for her. When Anagnostopoulos was jailed last summer for killing the family’s beloved dog, Roxy, he too was given 11 years. Babis’s mother, Georgia Gobaridou, has maintained her son’s innocence, according to statements by Caroline’s father.Read More…..

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