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DETROIT, MICHIGAN – A Detroit schoolgirl ended up in the hospital after a gym teacher hit her over the head with a metal hockey stick. According to attorney Jon Marko, the tragedy occurred in May at Hope Academy in Detroit, Michigan, and 11-year-old Cha’Kyra Thomas suffered a head injury. Jacqueline Brown, a substitute teacher, was trying to throw the stick at another student because she was upset with one of the other students.

“She was screaming and swearing,” Thomas said, adding: “The next thing I know, she feels something hard on the side of her head.” Brown has since been convicted of child abuse and the girl’s family is suing the school and the surrogate. Marko claimed the district’s and teacher’s justifications don’t match, reports FOX 2 Detroit. “His excuse of hers was that she was trying to throw the hockey stick at another kid and it hit her by accident,” the attorney said.

Cha’Kyra Thomas Age

The age of Cha’Kyra Thomas is just 11.


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Gym teacher hurls metal hockey stick at student

Attorney Jon Marko claims that Thomas, who is brain damaged as a result, was instantly confused and dazed after being struck by the object. After it happened, her mental state deteriorated to the point where she was wandering around the school. “When this girl’s mother comes to school and asks, ‘where is my daughter,’ they couldn’t even find her,” Marko said. “They found her wandering the halls confused with blood running down her face,” the lawyer said.

The injury was bandaged with staples after the boy was taken to hospital. According to Marko, Brown, who sentenced her last week in Michigan, never expressed remorse to the young woman or her family for the harm she had inflicted. “What kind of teacher throws a hockey stick at the head of a fifth grader? I mean, obviously you have to have something wrong with your head,” Marko said.

Thomas reportedly testified during the punishment hearing that it hurt her to be around Brown. “Just looking at her brought back all the memories of being hit in the head,” the girl said. Thomas had to change schools due to her constant stress and is now seeking counseling to help her cope. She claimed that the event continues to give her nightmares. “It’s like flashes what happened that day,” Thomas said. “I was hit on the head. I remember the kids laughing at me.” “My memories, now I have to wear glasses and I don’t remember very well,” said the young woman. Read More…..


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