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According to The Independent, Cullen, who was born in 1960, grew up in a working-class neighborhood in West Orange. In 1978, he dropped out of high school and joined the Navy. Cullen later enrolled in a nursing program at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair shortly after her release, completing it in 1986. She began her nursing career in the burn unit at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, New Jersey a year later. Next. He allegedly committed his first homicide a year later.

Charles Cullen Age

The age of Charles Cullen is 62 years.

Charles Cullen who killed 400 people

Charles Cullen, 62, one of the infamous serial killers, who was also dubbed ‘The Angel of Death’ by the media, allegedly killed 29 people in total in New Jersey and Pennsylvania over the course of a 16 year career in the medical field. As bodies piled up in hospitals across New Jersey, families were left in the dark and doctors baffled. Of the deceased, 13 people were treated at Somerset Medical Center, one at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, three at Warren Hospital and five at Hunterdon Medical Center. The police did not learn of the strange characteristic the victims shared until they later learned that Charles Cullen had been their nurse.


The West Orange native told authorities after his arrest in 2003 that he had medicated patients without a prescription, randomly turned off ventilators and inserted dangerous drugs into intravenous fluid bags. Cullen was one of the most prolific serial killers in history, killing more than two dozen people, according to researchers, but other experts believe he may have killed as many as 400 people in total.

He gave a patient at Saint Barnabas Hospital a fatal overdose of intravenous medicine on June 11, 1988. At some point, Cullen acknowledged killing several other people there, including an AIDS patient who died after receiving a quantity excessive insulin. Cullen left Saint Barnabas in 1992 after hospital authorities began investigating the contaminated IV bags. After accepting a job at Warren Hospital in Phillipsburg a month later, Cullen killed three elderly women who overdosed on digoxin, a heart medication.

Cullen was finally arrested in 2003. He admitted to the 29 murders and informed detectives that he had killed as many as 40 people. Cullen made his first television appearance in 2013 while speaking to ’60 Minutes’. Cullen expressed his belief that the murders were acts of kindness during the interview.


I thought people weren’t suffering anymore. So in a sense, I thought I was helping,” he commented at the time. A private settlement was reached in 2008 between the families of Cullen’s victims at Warren Hospital, Somerset Medical Center and Hunterdon Medical Center who had filed wrongful death cases against the hospitals. Along with Saint Barnabas and St Luke’s, these facilities paid an undisclosed amount to settle claims related to the deaths of 22 of Cullen’s victims.

According to The Independent, for the 22 murders in New Jersey, Cullen is currently serving 11 consecutive life sentences. He could receive six more life sentences in Pennsylvania for his actions. According to the Department of Corrections, his earliest probable release date from New Jersey detention would be June 10, 2388. Correctional records show that he is being held at New Jersey State Prison in Trenton.

Cullen recently stepped into the spotlight when Netflix’s thriller “The Good Nurse,” based on his life, is expected to premiere on October 26, 2022. Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne plays the role of the infamous serial killer.


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