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A Kansas City Chiefs superfan who gained viral popularity by showing up to games dressed as a wolf has been arrested for allegedly attempting to rob a bank.

The superfan, whose real name is Xavier Michael Babudar, is known as “ChiefsAholic.” He was arrested on Friday, December 16.

Although Babudar had previously tweeted that he would be attending the game, the @ChiefsAholic Twitter account was eerily silent Sunday when the Chiefs played the Texans in Houston.


According to Tulsa County jail records, Babudar was arrested Friday morning after police responded to an armed robbery at the Tulsa Teachers Credit Union in Bixby, Oklahoma.

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ChiefsAholic Age

The age of ChiefsAholic is not known


He tweeted on December 12, writing: “Originally when the schedule came out I had no plans or intentions to make the trip to Houston. HOWEVER I have never gone through a full season going to EVERY Chiefs game at the calendar. You only live once, see you all in Houston next week! #ChiefsKingdom.”


The city is located halfway between Houston, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri. According to 2News Oklahoma, Babudar was taken into custody with a gun and a large amount of cash after a witness gave authorities a description of him.

Fortunately, the incident did not leave any injuries. “The witness’s swift and decisive action allowed Bixby police officers to respond in less than two minutes and apprehend the suspect in six minutes,” said Bixby Police Chief Todd Blish.

It was not immediately clear from the arrest report if Babudar was wearing the wolf mask he usually wears to NFL games when the alleged crime occurred. He is being held on a $200,000 bond.


This information was made public after several of Babudar’s followers realized that he had stopped posting on social media for several days. Babudar is known for attending Chiefs games dressed as a wolf. Most recently, he was seen during Week 14 in Denver. When Babudar posted that he would be heading to Houston for the Week 15 game between the Chiefs and Texans on Dec. 18, his fans began reaching out to see if anyone had heard from him.

The last tweet from his account was seen on the day of his arrest, which is December 16. Following the news of his arrest, people on Twitter began to investigate Babudar and discovered a long history of Babudar getting into trouble with the police.

One user tweeted: “There’s a lot going on in the world, but everyone takes a moment to look up the Chiefsaholic fan who financed his trips to the games by robbing banks in the same mask he wore to the games.


I’ve never been more proud of support the caciques”. Another wrote: “The bosses twitter never disappoints man… yesterday we were furious about the cheffers team… today a lot of us were worried about someone who was in jail because he got caught robbing banks.”

One Twitter conversation, in particular, revealed at least four different cases in which Babudar was arrested or charged with acts involving officials.

The incidents, dating back to 2014, include suspected theft, misdemeanor theft and other unspecified charges. Except for the screenshot of his reservations, Heavy was able to verify all of them. According to the Twitter thread, the unconfirmed incident was from October 6, 2016, when he was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor robbery.


After learning of Babudar, who isn’t the first Chiefs superfan recently involved in a publicized incident like this, social media responses quickly flooded in. Pat McAfee opened up about the ChiefsAholic story, posting the chat on Twitter with the caption: “This man @ChiefsAholic is a career criminal.”

“As the Official Mom of #ChiefsKingdom let me remind you that people (@ChiefsAholic) lie on the internet,” wrote one Twitter user. “You don’t really know a person just because you talk online.

Also, a financial planning tip: attending every game requires you to be independently rich or rob banks. There’s no middle ground.” “When you start telling someone this story, you have to start by saying ‘this guy who calls himself ChiefsAholic…’ I can’t even get past that part without laughing so hard I cry. can explain this to offline friends,” Rivals’ Rob Cassidy tweeted. … of an international robbery? another user asked. “Super Chiefs fan robbing banks to pay for his rides to games, and doing it IN the costume he wears to games is next level Missouri behavior,” another user wrote. “Not going to lie Xavier Babudar is a pretty sweet name he would have dropped the Chiefsaholic thing and just rocked that. But he also wouldn’t have been robbing banks so what do I know?” another tweeted.


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