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Cindy Clouse, 35, was found dead on Saturday along with her two daughters, Autumn and Mackenzie Hagger. A Michigan woman who was killed along with her two young daughters in a murder-suicide over the weekend may have been preparing to leave the partner who committed the crime, authorities said.

On Saturday, police found Cindy Clouse, 35, dead inside her home in Lee Township, Michigan, along with her daughters Autumn Hagger, 13, and Mackenzie Hagger, 10. Clouse’s long-time boyfriend, Roger Kyle Hagger, 34, who was the girls’ father, also died at the scene, Fox 17 reports.

A relative had stopped by the house to see the family around 12:30 p.m. After not hearing from Clouse in more than 24 hours, News Channel 3 reports. After looking through a window, the relative saw one of the girls unconscious in a bedroom, prompting him to call 911.


Cindy Clouse Age

The age of Cindy Clouse was 34 years.

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Who killed Cindy Clouse and her daughters

All of the deceased died of gunshot wounds, according to the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office. Clouse had been planning to leave Hagger before the murders, Allegan County Sheriff Frank Baker told News Channel 3. “Kids out,” she said.

Baker said there were signs that Clouse was packing up to leave immediately before the shooting. “That may have been what sparked this tragic event,” Baker said, according to News Channel 13.


Clouse’s sister, Amy, told the Detroit News that Hagger was “controlling” but no one thought she would commit such an act. “We never expected that he would be able to hurt [Clouse] or the girls… There was a side to him that we didn’t know. If we had known, we would have helped her leave,” she said.

Amy told the outlet that Clouse had worked at a nursing home and had chickens, two goats, a pig and dogs, according to the Detroit News. She remembered Autumn Hagger as “a dork who loved hers with all her heart” and wanted to be a dermatologist, while Mackenzie Hagger loved babies, sunflowers and makeup.

Autumn was in eighth grade and Mackenzie was in fourth grade, Fennville Public Schools Superintendent Jim Greydanus told News Channel 13, noting that staff described the boys as “kind, responsible, friendly, smiling, always doing the right thing and truly remarkable students.Read more….


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