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During the Alabama riverfront altercation on Aug. 5, a black sailor caught in the middle claims boaters threatened him after he asked them to move his boat so he could dock a dinner cruise. In a written statement to Montgomery police obtained by NBC News, Damien Pickett described the tense moments. The lead sailor of the Harriott II claimed that when he asked the people on the pontoon to move, they refused and instead launched an assault which was recorded. on camera

Pickett claims the boaters beat and threatened him saying, “I’m going to kill you motherfucker, I’m going to kick your ass motherfucker.” I cannot say how long it lasted,” he wrote in the statement. “I grabbed one of them and held on for dear life,” he added. A pontoon was blocking the Harriott II’s attempt to dock in Montgomery Saturday night with 227 passengers on board. Pickett claims that he asked the men on the pontoon to move for about three minutes over the public address system. The men allegedly responded by “giving us the finger.”

In order for the Harriott II to dock, Pickett claimed that he and another stevedore first untied the pontoon and moved it “three steps to the right” before re-tying it to a post. Pickett said, “At that moment, two people ran after me.” He added that one of the men, wearing a red hat, yelled at him: “Don’t touch that boat, you son of a bitch, or we’ll hit you.” your ass.


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The age of Damien Pickett is not clear.

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Who is Damien Pickett?

“I told them, ‘No, you won’t,’” he continued, adding that the men kept threatening him, so he told them, “Do what you have to do, I’m just doing my job.” independent reports. The owner of the boat, who was wearing a gray shirt and red shorts with a sun visor, appeared to be intoxicated, Pickett said. He said the ship’s owner “started yelling…he got right in my face. ‘This belongs to the fucking public.’ I told him it was a city dock.”

After the altercation, Pickett claimed that “a tall older white man came up to me and punched me in the face. I took off my hat and threw it in the air. Someone hit me from behind. I started to choke the older man in front of him.” . so that he couldn’t take it anymore, pushing him back at the same time. When Pickett described the attack, he said: “Then the guy in the red shorts came up and knocked me down… I fell to the ground. I think I hit one of them.


Pickett remembered how a tall black man and a security guard came to his aid, signaling the arrival of help at last. He said: “Two people were taking them from me, one of my co-workers had jumped in the water and was pushing people and fighting.” Finally, the Harriott II landed and Pickett reported that his niece “ran out of the boat and chased after them. I was yelling at him to come back.”

He added: “The security guard was trying to get the lady in red out; she wouldn’t listen. People from the boat and spectators were coming down the back of the pier. The guy who started it all was choking my sister. I hit it and grabbed it and moved it… I turned around and MPD had a Taser in my face. I told him that I was the one being attacked and that I could finish doing my job.”

That’s what Pickett did as he escorted the tourists off the cruise ship and apologized to them for the “inconvenience. They all said I didn’t do anything wrong.” He wrote: “Some of them were giving me cards with their names and numbers on them. Some said they had it all on tape so I pointed them out to MPD.”


Finally, he was taken to the hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries. For his alleged involvement in the altercation, five people have been arrested. Reggie Gray, 42, turned himself in to Montgomery police three days after the police chief urged him to do so so he could be further questioned.

According to the police, he was charged with disorderly conduct. Mary Todd, 21, was charged with third degree assault. The police added that she is currently being held in the Municipal Jail. She joins the three other men who were detained after the violent fight in front of the river. Richard Roberts, 48, Allen Todd, 23, and Zachery Shipman, 25, were charged with third-degree misdemeanor assault in the attack on Pickett on a pier in Riverfront Park, the Washington Post reports.Read More……..

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