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A disgraced Wisconsin prosecutor secretly recorded himself having sex with three women, including one he was prosecuting. Daniel Steffen, 52, was an assistant district attorney in Burnett County, Wisconsin, during his crimes. He was heard on at least one of the recordings promising leniency in exchange for sex, according to the criminal complaint.

He was sentenced to 18 months in prison after being found guilty in April. He faced a maximum of 10.5 years behind bars. One of the victims, identified in court documents as “Victim 1,” was the defendant in a criminal case Steffen was prosecuting.

Daniel Steffen Age

The age of Daniel Steffen is 52 year.


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Charges on Daniel Steffen

“While Defendant and Victim #1 are still having sex, Defendant looks at the camera, sticks out his tongue, and winks multiple times,” and can be heard repeatedly telling the victim, “Who’s in charge? ”. the complaint said. Steffen’s illegal escapades between 2018 and 2020 were exposed after a witness told investigators that “Victim 1” “openly discussed having sex with a Burnett County ADA in exchange for leniency in criminal cases.” .

The woman was in court after violating a protection order against the father of her son. Ultimately, she had to pay a fine. Victim 1” originally denied having relationships with Steffen while being questioned by investigators, but she later admitted to it after being told she was seen on a recording on Steffen’s iPad, which was seized as evidence. the court documents said.

Steffen gave him her personal cell phone number and they texted for a couple of days before he invited her to her home, where they had sex “multiple” times, according to the criminal complaint. They also had sex in her office during work hours. The recordings were from February 11, August 8, and September 11, 2018, and “it does not appear that VICTIM #1 knew she was being recorded,” according to the complaint. Similar actions were detailed about another victim, whom she told she could avoid charges for hitting a mailbox.


Once again, the victim was unaware that she was being recorded, according to the criminal complaint. St. Croix County Circuit Judge Scott Nordstrand handed down the sentence. In addition to his prison time, Steffen must serve two years of extended supervision, four years of probation and placement for 10 years on the Wisconsin sex offender registry.Read More……..

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