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FRESNO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: Shannon Saville Cagle was murdered at her home in Mesa, Clovis, on July 23, 1985. She was the only child of Kenneth and Mary-Helen Cagle, and the youngest of four children. It is said that she was shot to death execution style, behind her back. Her murder remains unsolved. Desiree Cagle

Shannon’s daughter, Desiree Cagle, now 40, was just three years old at the time of her mother’s murder. For several years now, Desiree has been fighting to find out the truth about who killed Shannon. The case has received very little media attention, and Desiree has now formed a Facebook group, ‘Justice for Shannon Cagle’, to raise awareness of the case and seek answers.

Desiree spoke with MEAWW, delving into the details of the case. “From what I was told, there was no forced entry, nothing stolen, no assault (sexual or otherwise). They told me my mother died at the scene, but they also told me she could have died in the ambulance. This would have to be confirmed by autopsy records,” he said. MEAWW was unable to obtain an autopsy report that could confirm these claims.


Desiree Cagle Age

The age of Desiree Cagle is 40 years.

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Desiree Cagle is fighting for justice for her murdered mom

Desiree said her mother moved to Colorado with a man, listed as Desiree’s biological father on her birth certificate, around 1980-1981. However, Desiree said she discovered in the past three years that the man, whom she did not name, is not actually her biological father, according to a 23andMe DNA test. “My mother’s relationship with this man didn’t work out, so she moved back home and gave birth to me in Fresno. I believe the man was living in Arizona at the time of his death, and is still alive,” she said. Desiree.

When Desiree was one and a half years old, Shannon married a man she had previously known. He worked as a DJ for a local radio station, which is also where Shannon met the man Desiree discovered was not her biological father. “I don’t have a lot of details between the date of their marriage and the date of their death, but they moved into our house while my mother was working as a display coordinator for a store called ‘Best,’ located on Blackstone and Bullard,” Desiree said. . She added: “I think it’s a Burlington store now.” Desiree did not name Shannon’s then-husband.


On the day of Shannon’s murder, her husband returned home from work with Desiree with him. At that time, she was sick with a fever. Leaving me in the car, he approached the house and found Shannon on the floor, her keys and purse still in hand. He returned to the car and drove down the street to a neighbor’s house.

The neighbor said everything “What Shannon’s husband was saying was that he needed to contact his pastor. It wasn’t until she asked him several times what happened that he explained, but he still insisted on calling his pastor. The neighbor called the police,” she said. Desiree. “He didn’t inform my mom’s parents about her death and they found out watching the 10 p.m. news.”

“One of the neighbors, who was about 12 years old at the time, found me on Facebook a few years ago and we connected. Soon after she introduced me to another woman, who was a friend of hers and a neighbor of hers, and they both described that night from their perspectives in detail.


They told me how the murder affected them, their families, and their quiet neighborhood. They said they suddenly didn’t feel safe anymore. This neighborhood was in a very rural part of Fresno County, and that peace they had living there has now been shattered,” Desiree said, adding, “I was too young to remember anything about the night Shannon was murdered.”

During the investigation, Desiree was watched by a neighboring family. When she was 11 years old, her grandmother, Shannon’s mother Helen, adopted her. “Grandma and I had many conversations about the case. She had the autopsy report and copies of the case file, but all of that was lost when she died in 2015,” Desiree said.

Most recently, Desiree received a response from an investigator with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, who said that she reviewed the case and will review it again to see if any evidence can be examined. Desiree shared a screenshot of the email with MEAWW. Read More…..


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