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A Missouri man has been charged in the death of his infant son after allegedly telling police the boy choked on formula. Dustin Eugene Mason, 25, is charged with one count of second-degree murder in the death of his son on Oct. 28, 2022, a probable cause affidavit obtained by Law & Crime notes.

Butler County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at the defendant’s Mustang Lane residence in response to a 911 call about an unresponsive infant, the court document says. The boy’s mother, who had been buying pizza, came home to find that her son “had stopped breathing and was turning blue and lifeless.”

Tiffany Mason said her husband, the boy’s father, told her he had been bottle feeding their son when the boy “started choking on the baby formula and a few moments later blood started coming out of [his] mouth, His arms limped and he stopped breathing.


The baby, whose name is redacted on the affidavit, received CPR and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Then, after lying unconscious for about 30 minutes, the boy was taken to a children’s hospital in St. Louis. He was placed on life support, but he succumbed to his injuries on November 2, 2022.

Dustin Eugene Mason Age

The age of Dustin Eugene Mason is 25 year.

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Charges on Dustin Eugene Mason

Subsequently, the defendant was questioned and gave a more detailed version of the events that, according to him, preceded the death of the child. However, before the boy died, doctors at St. Louis Children’s Hospital determined that the boy had sustained abusive head trauma, including internal bleeding, bleeding around the brain, direct brain injury, retinal hemorrhages, and possible fractures of the ribs.


“Choking on the formula is not a reasonable explanation for these findings,” the medical team summarized, according to police. The day the boy died, another doctor wrote a letter to the hospital’s intensive care unit. The letter, as summarized in the affidavit, said the boy had “suffered severe irreversible brain injuries” resulting in “increasing life support measures due to his serious condition” but, at the same time, “warned that the measures must be completed so that [the child] can pass in peace since there was no hope of recovery.”

An autopsy the next day determined that the 5-week-old boy “died as a result of complications from blunt head injuries that occurred over a period of time.” A pathologist who specializes in child abuse death examined images of the boy’s brain and eyes and determined that he lacked blood flow to various parts of the brain, had tears in the tiny veins that cross the brain, and had numerous hemorrhages and areas of pain. bleeding through his brain, optic nerves and retinas.

The alleged abuse occurred without the knowledge of the pediatrician who had cared for the child since he was born at 37 weeks. That doctor even saw the boy the day before he died and “found him to be doing well with none of the listed problems,” the affidavit states. After a months-long investigation, Dustin Mason was charged Monday. He was arrested on Tuesday. At his initial appearance on Wednesday, the defendant requested a bail reduction, which was denied. He is no longer listed as an inmate with the BCSO.


“Case called,” reads an entry in the file for his Thursday appearance. “Status appears by APA Justin Kelley. The defendant appears, in custody, with the attorney, Sarah Holt, and waives the hearing of the complaint. The defendant is informed of the conditions of release, that an order may be issued immediately for any violation of a condition of release, and the right to a release hearing. The defendant requests a bail reduction, which is denied.”Read More…….

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