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Authorities have yet to find missing Utah farmer Dylan Rounds  19, but now they say evidence shows a man murdered him and hid the body. James Brenner, 60, was charged Friday with aggravated murder and abuse or desecration of a human body. Brenner was first named a suspect by agents and the FBI last July, but charges were not immediately filed. At the time, Brenner was already being held in the Weber County Jail in an unrelated federal firearms case, authorities said. He has been there since Monday, records show.

“These charges arise after a difficult and extensive 9-month investigation by the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office, and are supported by the information that has been gathered and the evidence collected,” the County Sheriff’s Office said. from Box Elder. “The evidence supports that James Brenner is the only suspect. Although the remains of Dylan Rounds have not yet been located, we are hopeful that they will be found in the future. We extend our condolences to the family of Dylan Rounds.”

Dylan Rounds Age

the age of Dylan Rounds was 19 years.


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Who killed Dylan Rounds ?

Rounds was last seen in Lucin, Utah, near the Nevada border in late May 2022, authorities and family previously said. Family members said he moved to the area to live his dream of becoming a farmer. He bought cheap desert land to start with, but disappeared after his first harvest. His boots were found yards from his grain truck in the opposite direction of his trailer, and his key chain was missing, his mother said last year.

From the June 29, 2022 complaint in the ongoing federal case of Brenner for felon in possession of a firearm: Brenner was squatting in the area, federal authorities say. Rounds’ property was 5 miles southeast of where Brenner lived, they said. Agents now say that tests revealed that Rounds’ boots contained his and Brenner’s DNA.

“During the search, officers discovered a pair of boots belonging to the victim nearby,” they wrote in the probable cause statement for the new murder case. “One boot had a bloodstain that DNA analysis confirmed belonged to the victim in addition to the DNA belonging to the defendant. Also obtained were the victim’s phone records showing movements on the day of his disappearance at a remote property in Lucin where the defendant was squatting. Phone data showed that the last signal from the victim’s phone was at Lucin Pond and a search of the pond led to the discovery of the victim’s phone. A digital forensic download of the phone was performed and led to the discovery of time-lapse video with a timestamp taken at the time of the victim’s disappearance.”


Images on this phone allegedly showed Brenner with blood stains on his arms and shirt as he cleaned a gun. Investigators claim they analyzed this shirt to find Rounds’ DNA. “The defendant was interviewed and made various statements that corroborated the forensic evidence, in addition to making numerous demonstrably false statements,” the probable cause statement read.

Federal authorities said they and Box Elder County deputies searched Brenner’s trailer on June 16, 2022. “During that search, ball ammunition, ignition caps, black powder, and quick loads, all related to ‘muzzle loading,’ were located and photographed in the trailer, but BECSO did not seize the items at this time,” they wrote. “There were no muzzle-loading firearms located in the trailer at the time.”

Several days later, a friend and neighbor of Brenner’s identified only as D.H. He said Brenner asked him to “keep safe” three black powder handguns, according to the documents. From the federal filing: The FBI said they reinterviewed D.H. on June 21, 2022. This time, he said, Brenner brought him a .22 caliber rifle around the same time as the muzzleloaders. Of documents:


Investigators claimed to have recovered items, including a muzzleloader and various ammunition and gunpowder, in a search of Brenner’s trailer conducted on June 21, 2022. Federal authorities cited prior felony convictions in Brenner’s record, including one 33-month prison sentence on May 21, 2012, for felon in possession of a firearm.Read More…..

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