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MEXICO: In the crime-ridden nation of Mexico, dozens of cruel drug-seeking murders have been carried out. Such a cruel tragedy not only results in loss of life, but also gives rise to the next drug lords built through these blood-stained empires. In the aftermath of that tragedy, a 14-year-old teenager nicknamed El Chapito has been arrested in connection with the drug-related murders of eight people in the country.

Mexican authorities have not revealed the identity of the young gunman named after mega-drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, who is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum-security prison in Colorado, United States. Although the motive behind the murders of the eight people has not been made public, however, the identity of the killer could shed light on the situation.

The unfortunate incident took place in Chimalhuacán, a low-income suburb of Mexico City, the federal Ministry of Public Security said on Thursday, March 16. The young teenager allegedly entered the family’s residence on a motorcycle and opened fire where the victims were being held. a birthday party. The fatal shooting also left five adults and two children injured.


El Chapito Age

The age of El Chapito is 14 years.

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El Chapito Arrested for killing 8 people

In addition, another man identified as Luis Raúl ‘N’, alias ‘El Nono’, was also arrested on January 22 along with eight people in a police operation in the towns of Chimalhuacán and Meza for drug-related diversions. All of the people arrested are believed to be part of the same gang as El Chapito. However, Mexico is no stranger to murders linked to drug-related rivalry.

In 2010, soldiers detained another 14-year-old boy nicknamed ‘El Ponchis’. At that time, the boy who was identified by authorities by his first name, Edgar, confessed that he was kidnapped when he was 11 and forced to work for the South Pacific Cartel, an offshoot of the splinter Beltrán Leyva gang, according to Fox News. . As part of the cartel, he participated in at least four beheadings, the teen said. Edgar told reporters that he was allegedly drugged and threatened into committing the crimes.


Recently, on March 3, four US citizens were attacked and kidnapped at gunpoint by a Mexican cartel. Latavia “Tay” McGee, Eric James Williams, Zindell Brown and Shaeed Woodard had traveled to the nation for medical treatment when they were allegedly caught in the crossfire between two opposing cartel groups. Later, one of the two Americans was allegedly killed after the cartel mistook them for Haitian drug dealers.Read More…..

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