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NEW YORK: Authorities are currently trying to find the person responsible for leaking the live-streamed pornographic images of former NY1 meteorologist Erick Adame. Adame, who was once Emmy nominated, is currently out of a job. The meteorologist said he believes a mysterious voyeur became obsessed with nude images of him in an apparent effort to embarrass him.

I concluded, he is the same person who is obsessed with posting these photos of me,” he said in his first interview with WNYC since he was fired due to the scandal. “Some of them are so humiliating.” The 39-year-old man claimed that he hired a lawyer to trace the IP address of the person who posted the disturbing images online. Police are investigating the matter, the outlet reported, but it is unclear which department is investigating it.

The former meteorologist was fired from his job in September after footage of him livestreaming sex acts was taken from an adult website without his permission. It soon came to light that during a cam session in December 2021, he mentioned his work and other personal details about him. Adame apologized and admitted that he had a “compulsion”, saying it was “absurd of me to think that he could keep this private”.


Erick Adame Age

The age of Erick Adame is 39 years.

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Charges Erick Adame

The New Jersey native lives in Manhattan and some of the images of him were even sent to his mother who lives upstate. It is also not known what actions the authorities could take against him, since the images may not qualify as “revenge pornography”. A person must have a “reasonable expectation of privacy” under New York law, and live streaming may not be protected.

Adame told the outlet that since he was fired, he has been continuously harassed by sadistic trolls online. “There is a mixture of support and then you have this random message calling me by any name to put me down and then saying you want more. I can be your dad,” he said. “You know, no. I just lost this job that I really loved. I’m being publicly humiliated and you think I’m enjoying this?


Adame opened up about why he decided to make live sex videos for strangers on the internet, admitting that it stemmed from “low self-esteem”, being rejected for being gay. “To show off and get that kind of praise and be called sexy, I wanted to see more. Hearing that from someone on the other end made you feel really good,” he said. Now, he assures that he has a stable relationship and that his sex life no longer goes through the internet.

He said that he regrets his decision to go on camera. “I don’t apologize for being sexually positive, but I do apologize because I am a role model,” he said. “What it comes down to is, as a news person, I live by different rules. I don’t think it’s fair, but I think we do.”Read More…..

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