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Ethan Smith is one of two new Jokers introduced in Season 4 of ‘Too Hot To Handle’. The handsome 26-year-old hunk is from Bristol, UK and basically looks like a Greek god with an amazing physique. The Englishman also describes himself as a “bad boy” and says that he loves hugs. Ethan’s Instagram page has more than 13,800 followers, and most of it posts photos of him having fun with his friends, mirror selfies, gym clicks, and beach snaps. He also seems interested in mountain biking and weight training. The defining characteristics of the British hunk are perhaps his lush dark hair and tattoo-covered physique.

Ethan Smith Age

Ethan Smith is 26 years old.

Ethan Smith is too hot to handle

As per lore, the series adds a few additional contestants later in the season to shake things up between the budding couples on the show. These new entrants are then allowed to pick the contestants to date and are given a free kiss pass by the automated matron, Lana. Ethan initially showed an interest in Sophie Stonehouse after he chose her on the date. However, after the brunette crushed her flirtation tactics and her hopes for a kiss, she later set her sights on the bubbly blonde Brittan.


Speaking of the blonde, Ethan said, “She’s absolutely lush,” adding, “I know she’s with James right now, but I don’t care, I always get what I want.” He complimented Brittan on her blue eyes and continued to flirt with her by making eye contact with her. Noticing the interaction, James was apparently jealous of the English that he was trying to steal the girl from him.

Brittan also expressed her interest in Ethan in her confessional, saying that she caught his eye, even though she liked James. Throughout the first five episodes, it was also apparent that Brittan expected James to be “more physical” with her, but the latter had adhered to the house rules, leaving Brittan severely frustrated. The irritation finally got the better of the model when Ethan asked her if she wanted to change the way she sleeps and share her bed. Brittan seized the opportunity. This new turn of events upset James, who confessed that “the good guys definitely finish last.”

Ethan Smith created rift between Brittan Byrd and James

PROVIDENCIALES, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS: Netflix’s hit dating show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ is back with a new season with four times the hotness and drama. The show that features some of the hottest singles, all ready to mingle, barred from all forms of sexual contact, has surely taken things up a notch. And viewers were indeed in for some chaotic drama when the series introduced two new sexy singles to “stir things up” to the existing cast on Season 4.


These new entrants came in prepared to cause major drama as both participants set their sights on the contestants they fancied and chased them with all their might. This included new entry Ethan Smith fancying the bubbly Brittan Byrd. However, while Brittan was already going steady in a budding romance with James Penderglass, what might (not so) shock viewers are the blonde’s reciprocations of her de ella to Ethan’s moves de ella on her de ella of her de ella. So for those wondering about the latest addition to the villa, here are all the details about Ethan Smith.

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