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Police investigating the gory death of a Maryland man say it was his wife who caused his fatal injuries by pushing him to the ground and hitting him with a cane. Gail Joy D’Anthony, 76, who according to court records weighs 90 pounds and is 4 feet 10 inches tall, is charged with first and second degree murder.

According to Carroll County prosecutors, City of Westminster Police and EMS first responded the night of March 1 to a home in the 300 block of Royer Road regarding reports of someone with a heart attack. EMS attempted to save the victim, John D’Anthony III, 72, but was unable to.

Gail Joy D’Anthony Age

The age of Gail Joy D’Anthony is 76 year.


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Gail Joy D’Anthony accused of killing husband

An examination soon revealed numerous injuries inconsistent with natural death, authorities said. “ME autopsy results confirmed that Mr. D’Anthony sustained extensive injuries, including blunt force injuries to his entire body, including, but not limited to, lacerations to his mouth, broken neck, broken right rib, two black eyes , and extensive bruising to the hands and forearms,” authorities said. “Ultimately, the ME found these injuries inconsistent with a single fall or natural death and ruled it a homicide.”

On May 24, investigators with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office were asked to continue the investigation. Evidence from the address raised suspicions of blood splatter, which was believed to be consistent with D’Anthony’s blunt force trauma injuries, they said. A witness soon came forward with information authorities said was consistent with the victim’s injuries.

In June, detectives contacted a witness who said Gail D’Anthony allegedly described killing her husband John of hers. First, she allegedly pushed him to the ground, where he hit his head on the ground.


“She then left the room and returned with a cane, which she used to hit John over the head and then she used the cane to keep him from getting up,” police said. “Gail D’Anthony walked in and out of the room several times, eventually finding that her husband was unresponsive. She then called 911 for help.” That story matched the evidence at the scene, authorities said. Detectives obtained the arrest warrant for Gail D’Anthony. She was arrested Wednesday and does not have a lawyer of record.

“This arrest and prosecution was the result of a lot of sweat and sweat on the part of the folks at the sheriff’s and state attorney’s offices, especially Detective Ashley Owens and Assistant State Attorneys Amy Ocampo and Connie Yarborough,” said Haven Shoemaker, DA Carroll County State. . “All of us in Carroll law enforcement are committed to protecting vulnerable victims of domestic violence, no matter how young or old.”Read More………

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