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Herman Andaya was the administrator of the Maui Emergency Management Agency. He resigned from his position on August 17, 2023, as he announced on Facebook. Andaya has an extensive career in public service, marked by impactful roles in various domains. He has been the administrator of the Maui Emergency Management Agency in Maui County since July 2017, according to his LinkedIn.

Andaya organizes emergency response strategies, safeguarding the community in challenging situations. His seven-year tenure as Chief of Staff for the Maui County Mayor’s Office underscores his skillful management of essential operations. Andaya served as Special Assistant to the Chancellor at the University of Hawaii Maui College from November 2007 to January 2011, reflecting his dedication to education.

Andaya was active in addressing housing and human concerns during his tenure as deputy administrator and deputy director in Maui County. In addition, he honed his legal expertise while serving as a law clerk at prestigious legal institutions, including the Hawaii State Judiciary.


With a JD in Law from the University of Hawaii, Andaya’s multifaceted journey underscores his leadership and resolute commitment to the public good. The head of the Maui Emergency Management Agency, Chief Herman Andaya, resigned Thursday, August 17, after intense criticism over his decision not to activate warning sirens as wildfires raged across Hawaii.

Andaya defended his choice, stating that he used other alert methods, such as mobile devices, radio, television, and the resident alert system. Although there were suggestions that warning sirens could have helped rescue many, Andaya countered that these sirens are generally reserved. for tsunami warnings.

He noted that Hawaiians are conditioned to move to higher ground when they hear sirens, which would have directed them into the path of the wildfire. More details have come to light, revealing that the official has a history of downplaying the significance of the fire. the island’s siren systems.


Why did Herman Andaya resigned?

Herman Andaya resigned citing health reasons, according to a Maui County Facebook post. “Today, Mayor Richard Bissen accepted the resignation of Maui Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Administrator Herman Andaya,” the post said. “Alleging health reasons, Andaya submitted his resignation with immediate effect.” “Given the severity of the crisis we face, my team and I will place someone in this key position as quickly as possible and I look forward to making that announcement soon,” Mayor Richard Bissen said.

During a midweek press conference hosted by Gov. Josh Green, Andaya defended his qualifications and experience for the job, as well as his decision not to activate the sirens. A reporter noted that numerous fire survivors, affected by the blaze that tragically claimed the lives of at least 111 people, expressed that the timely activation of the siren could have saved their neighbors and loved ones.

“If we had sounded the siren that night, we fear that people would have reached mauka [towards the mountains] and if that was the case, they would have gone to the fire,” Andaya said, according to the Daily Mail. He further added: “I should also point out that there are no mauka sirens, or on the mountainside, where the fire was spreading. So even if we played the siren, we would not have saved those people on the mountainside.”Read More…….


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