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Steve Janks, Janks’ biological father, is a resident of Southern California and a native of South Africa. She is the owner of the recently established interior design firm Jank Janks Interiors. She says, “Your home is a reflection of you, and Jade will help you express your personal style through a fun and easy process.” on the company website. “You can count on Jade to hold your hand and make your project fun!” according to a biography Janks also claims that she began her career in interior design while working for her father’s kitchen design company.

Jade Janks Age

The age of Jade Janks is 39 years.

Jade Janks charged with drugging of stepfather to death

A San Diego interior designer is accused of killing her ex-stepfather, who owned a butterfly farm after she found out he had used a stolen nude picture of her as wallpaper. 39-year-old Jade Janks is accused of drugging, choking, and strangling 64-year-old Thomas Merriman on New Year’s Eve 2020. However, she denies the murder charge.


Prosecutors alleged that Janks, the owner of a thriving interior design business, was “beyond freaked out” when she discovered numerous nude photos of her de ella in Merriman’s home de ella, one of which he even used as a wallpaper for his computer de ella . Although Janks and Merriman remained close, records show that Merriman’s mother divorced him in 2008 because of repeated domestic violence.

“This was no accident,” Deputy District Attorney Jorge Del Portillo declared. “This was murder by design.” It was stated in court that Janks used a plastic bag to suffocate Merriman, Daily Mail reports. The co-founder of a well-known butterfly farm in Encinitas, Thomas Merriman, 64, died from ill health and his own combination of sleeping medicines, according to Janks’ attorney Marc Carlos. On January 2, 2021, his body from him was discovered buried beneath some garbage outside of his house from him. She has entered a not-guilty plea to murder. Janks may be sentenced to life in prison if found guilty.

Carlos stated, “The medical examiner will not tell you it was strangulation. The science does not support strangulation.” As per the San Diego Union-Tribune, acute intoxication was the official cause of her death. The lawyer continued by claiming Merriman had an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Carlos also stated, “Jade Janks loved her de ella stepfather de ella. Tom Merriman loved Jade Janks. Unfortunately, Tom Merriman was a troubled individual, and he loved her in different ways.” Police discovered Merriman’s body outside of his Solano Beach residence, hidden beneath trash bags.



Officials visited the house to assess the welfare of the residents. According to the prosecution, Janks told other people that she had killed Merriman. Her mother de ella and Merriman were still close, although they had long been divorced.

Merriman was on his way home on New Year’s Eve after spending the night in the hospital following a fall. He had been picked up from a nursing facility by Janks. Her attorney said he was offered a supply of drugs before leaving the facility. Janks had been cleaning Merriman’s apartment a few days earlier when she tripped over his computer and he woke up. She then noticed that his screensaver of him was a nude photo she had taken in the past. The prosecutor described herself as “distraught” and “very disturbed” after learning about the photos. Sarah Jacobs, a former friend of Jank’s, testified that the defendant had told her about the picture, but maintained that there would be no consequences for Merriman. Jacobs described the picture of Janks as “scantily clad” According to her attorneys, the photos were taken with the consent of a partner years earlier. It is unclear how Merriman obtained the images. Prosecutors allege that Janks then began plotting to murder her stepfather of her.


Prosecutors presented text messages that Janks sent to various friendshttps in court this week. Messages read, “I just dosed the hell out of him. Stopping for whiskey at Dixieland to stall. LMK. He’s waking up. I really don’t want to be the one to do this. I can’t carry him alone and I “I can’t keep a kicking body in my trunk. I am about to club him on the head as he is waking up. I’m not strong enough. He is very aware now and I am on my own,” as cited by Daily Mail.

The prosecutor referred to one of the contactees as a “fixer,” the Union-Tribune reports. Adam Siplyak, a friend who had responded to his plea for help, visited the house on New Year’s Eve but refused to help remove the body. The next day, he went to the police to report what had happened. Initially, Janks informed him that Merriman was under the influence of medication and that he needed help getting him home.

But when Siplyak arrived, he admitted what had happened. Lisa Brannan, the lead investigator in the case, told the court this week: “Ms Janks told Mr Siplyak that she killed her stepfather and she said, ‘I suffocated him with a bag and strangled him.’ . He added that “she also said she gave him a bunch of drugs,” the Daily Mail reported. He continued: “She wanted his help getting the body out of her car. She wanted to take her stepdad home and put him in her bed. She wanted to show off like she overdosed in her bed because she died in her bed.” Siplyak refused to help her, saying: “I have a child to raise.” Before leaving, the two smoked another cigarette and kissed.


According to the suspect’s defense attorney, Janks is in love with Siplyak and is a drug addict in remission. The defense attorney admitted that although they shared a few kisses and hugs in the past, they never engaged in sexual activity. When the arresting officer, San Diego Sheriff’s Office Matthew Gibson, later testified, he claimed that Janks was calm when she was pulled over. Janks has been out on $1 million bail since his arrest, however he wears a GPS-enabled anklet. Prosecutors maintained that the suspect had means of escape and ties to South Africa at the time bail was set.

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