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Jared Fogle was sentenced to more than 15 years in federal prison for possession of child pornography and traveling across state lines to have sex with a minor. Two victims of disgraced Subway sandwich spokesman Jared Fogle are talking. Hannah Parrett and Christian Showalter are the stepdaughters of Russell Taylor, the former chief executive of Fogle’s charity who was convicted along with him of child sex offenses involving the sisters.

“He’s a monster,” Showalter tells Fogle’s PEOPLE. “He’s just a predator.” Fogle’s stunning rise and fall from subway family spokesperson to convicted child sex offender is the subject of a new three-part documentary, Jared from Subway: Catching A Monster, premiering on ID on Monday, March 6.

Both sisters tell their stories in the docuseries. (The trailer for the docuseries is shown below.) The sisters met Fogle around 2011 through Taylor, who was married to his mother Angela Baldwin. The women were in their teens.


“Jared traveled a lot, obviously for Subway, and he was always on a flight,” Showalter says. “Obviously we’ve had a face-to-face interaction, but it was more about FaceTime and iMessage. But meeting him was very nonchalant, a little bit. Jared was more of a waiting guy. He was more of an observer. He wasn’t very talkative. He’s not He didn’t talk, but he was very quiet and informal, and Russell was the complete opposite.”

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The age of Jared Fogle is not known.

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Jared Fogle sentenced for child pornography and sex with minor

Showalter and Parrett say Taylor and Fogle were texting about themselves and their friends. “I think it was the first time Jared had mentioned anything sexual, Russell had sent a picture of a friend of mine and [me] to Jared,” Parrett, now 21, tells PEOPLE. “And, of course, Jared was asking who she was and how he knew her and stuff like that. And then he started making sexual comments about her body and how she looked. Russell showed me that and he wanted me to express it.” . things for her.”


“We would read the things [Fogle] would say about us and our friends, as far as sexual comments about our bodies and our appearance. And [he] would rate us on a scale of who he would want to have sex with the most,” Parrett adds. “I think Which was probably the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen, because my friend was at the top of that list.”

“Some of them hadn’t even hit puberty yet,” says Showalter, now 24. “And for him, he sorts them by whether or not he wants to have sex with them.” The two women say Taylor began grooming them at a young age. “I think we used to be really innocent little girls, and then it started taking baby steps at a time talking about sexual behavior, talking about our boyfriends, talking about sexual curiosity with ourselves,” Showalter says. “I think he started out so small and kept peeling off layer by layer. And ultimately, that was our reality.”

“He would really want us to watch porn,” she adds. “He would want us to talk about masturbation or sex with our partners at the time or with our friends, being curious about our sexuality. It was a constant thing. He was primping himself, 100 percent.” The investigation into Fogle, Taylor and Baldwin began in 2014, when an acquaintance of Taylor and Baldwin contacted the Indiana State Police about Taylor and said that Taylor had offered to send him child pornography.


In 2015, federal authorities raided the Indiana home of Taylor and Baldwin and found child sexual abuse material, as well as hidden cameras used to secretly record minors. (Parrett and Showalter identified themselves as those minors.) Taylor and Baldwin distributed those images to Fogle and others.Read More,,,,,

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