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BEND, OREGON – Adventures with Purpose co-founder Jared Leisek was arrested in a child rape case for allegedly raping a female relative twice in 1992. Following allegations against him in November 2022, he was taken to the Sanpete County Jail in Utah. Leisek, 47, was reportedly seven years older than the victim, who was between nine and ten years old at the time. An attempt was made to broadcast the court proceedings of the Leisek hearing live, resulting in the court hearing of the three-decade-old crime being cancelled, as it was against state law.

Oregon-based Adventures with Purpose is a team of divers who conduct search and recovery to help families track down their missing loved ones. Founded in 2019, the team documents their efforts on YouTube, which has more than 2.8 million subscribers.

So far, the group has helped track down at least 23 missing people, of whom were known to lead the search for the body and car of 16-year-old Kiely Rodni in August 2022. The teen’s body was located at Prosser Lake in California. . However, some members have resigned from the team following the allegations against Leisek.


Jared Leisek Age

The age of Jared Leisek is 47.

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Jared Leisek arrest in ‘child rape’ case

Leisek, who was arrested in January 2023, was first charged with two counts of rape in November 2022, but the motive is still unclear. It is also unclear if the AWP founder is in police custody. Along with his booking record, there was no mention of his bail amount, according to the Daily Mail.

The alleged rape in which Leisek was arrested occurred in 1992 in the alleged victim’s bedroom at the home of a relative of Leisek’s in Utah. According to the news outlet, Leisek once told the victim that he had “made peace” with “all the bad things” in his life, “including this one.”


“I’m so sorry for the things we can’t change. It’s unfortunate that the Leisek and Juhasz bloodline has experienced the shit that you and I and a lot of the other cousins got ourselves into,” he referred to another family unit. in his email exchange with the victim, blaming the family’s Mormonist fringe history.

“Like you, I was once the victim of various people both within and outside of the family. It is unfortunate when families like ours experience sexual abuse. I myself have tried to apologize to you and have an open conversation with you to answer any question you may have,” he wrote.

The email was sent from the official AWP email address and was signed ‘Jared’. According to the Daily Mail, he has tried to apologize to the alleged victim before. “Not to clear my own conscience, but to help him heal and help him with whatever struggles he’s had, as many of us had to learn to get over it and move on,” he reportedly said.


“Thank God we won’t be judged forever for our actions when we were young, and I’m grateful that many of us cousins recognized and stopped those sins that happened to us and the sins we once committed as a result of grooming.” continued afterwards. he mentioned that it is “not realistic” to make a 46-year-old man “live with the mistakes” he made as a child.Read More….

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