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The owner of a Texas tattoo shop is facing a murder charge after he fired an employee and then shot him to death during an argument, Arlington police said in a Facebook post. Police received a 911 call around 2:14 p.m. Tuesday of owner Javier “Big Dawg” Arredondo, 42, saying the employee he fired refused to leave the store. While officers were on their way, he received another call about shots being fired at the business.

When officers arrived, they found the employee, a 46-year-old man, lying on the ground inside the business with a gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Arredondo stayed in business. Detectives later learned that Arredondo and the employee had a “tense verbal exchange” following the employee’s firing.

Javier “Big Dawg” Arredondo Age

The age of Javier “Big Dawg” Arredondo is 42 year.


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Charges on Javier “Big Dawg” Arredondo

“Then, minutes after placing the 911 call, Mr. Arredondo pulled out a handgun and shot the employee multiple times, striking him,” Arlington police said. It appears no one else was in the business at the time of the shooting, as Arredondo asked other employees to leave during the discussion. Investigators found no weapons on the clerk and it does not appear that he attempted to assault Arredondo, police said.

After speaking with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office, Arredondo was arrested on a murder charge. The victim’s name will be released once next of kin are notified. Police did not name the business, but Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA reported the shooting occurred at the Vato Loco Tattoo Studio. A sign on the door read “Store Closed! Sorry for the inconvenience… Thank you Mgmt”, shows the video taken by the television station.

Arredondo’s profile page on the salon’s website says his nickname is “Big Dawg.” He was born in Laredo, Texas and grew up in Chicago before moving back to Texas in 1998, according to his profile. He said he became a tattoo artist in the early 2000s and “tattooed homies while smoking weed, drinking 40’s and hanging out with women.”


“I was always a troublemaker growing up, but now I channel that energy into art,” he told Pain Magazine, which was posted on his Instagram page. “…I feel like I’m skipping school every day when I come to work and then I can do art all day. I love what I do and I never want to take it for granted.” Arredondo was taken to the Arlington City Jail, where he is being held without bail. An Arlington police spokesman said the probable cause arrest affidavit could be made available later today.Read More…….

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