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A Stanford employee who claimed a coworker violently raped her twice on campus has been arrested and charged with lying to get revenge and earn some money. In connection with the trumped-up allegations, Jennifer Gries 25, is charged with felony perjury and other crimes, the Santa Clara district attorney said Wednesday, March 15.

The Housing Services employee allegedly defamed her colleague because she believed he had “turned her friends against her” and given her “false intentions,” according to court documents the New York Post acquired. . “Evidence shows that the Gries fabricated the stories because they were angry with a co-worker,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

Gries reportedly told forensic nurses in August that she was attacked as she was walking to her car inside a campus garage by an “unknown black male in his early 20s” with a slim build and a height of 6 feet. “He grabbed me by both arms, laid me face up on the ground. He told me not to scream,” she told investigators. The 25-year-old claimed the man held her against her will before dragging her into a bathroom where he sexually assaulted her anally and vaginally.


Jennifer Gries Age

The age of Jennifer Gries is 25 years.

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Jennifer Gries accused of lying about being raped

When she learned that police had sent out a campus alert about the alleged crime, she was evasive with officers, but claimed to know who her attacker was. Gries claimed that two months later, when she was returning to her workplace after lunch, the same black man grabbed her arm and dragged her to a basement storage room where she again sexually assaulted her both vaginally and anally. . ‘She received public funding’ The document reveals that Gries received government funding in both cases from the California Board of Victims of Crime. Although it’s unclear how much money she qualified for, program documents state that applicants are only allowed to receive up to $70,000.

Due to the extreme danger Gries’s claims posed to the university, investigators prioritized her rape kits and pushed for increased security on campus. However, no male DNA was found in her samples, according to the prosecutor. Police continued to investigate as Gries’s alleged plan fell apart. Police officers sent electronic alerts to the campus, sparking fear and sparking a protest in October by hundreds of students who demanded that university officials take extra precautions to protect them.


According to District Attorney Jeff Rosen, the reports sparked fear among students who were afraid and constantly looked “over their shoulders” in the college community to stay safe. Upon investigation, it was discovered that Gries was describing a co-worker against whom she had filed a sexual harassment complaint in March. She was sent to a different workplace after the claims were found to be unsubstantiated.

Gries had a past of fabricating details about her relationship with the unidentified man in the records. She claimed to be in a relationship with him and told one of her co-workers that he had sexually assaulted her, impregnated her with her twins, and then abandoned her before she miscarried. However, medical documents contradicted her claims. “Can’t I make her life hell?” She texted her coworker about the alleged assault. “I need to start defending myself… I’m so upset… I’m thinking of a plan. That way, he’s shitting his pants for several days.”

Gries finally confessed to lying about the multiple violations after being questioned by a detective and after Stanford spent $300,000 on the investigation and security measures. Since then, she has been granted a leave of absence and her employment at the institution is under review. Gries sent her victim an apology note, but the incident, she claimed, she “marked” at a time when she was caring for her ailing mother, who has since died.


District Attorney Jeff Rosen called it a “rare and deeply destructive crime” adding that “our hearts go out to those falsely accused. Our hearts go out to the students who had to look down their shoulders on their way to class. Our hearts go out to legitimate victims of sexual assault who wonder if they will be believed,” according to CBS.Read More…..

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