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Haunting police body camera video captured a shocking moment as officers stormed inside a home and rescued a 2-year-old girl who was nearly drowned by her mother. Jessica Deirdre Edward-Ricks, 35, was arrested Saturday, June 24, after officers found two unconscious children, under the age of five, with stab wounds in her Michigan home.

Police said in a statement that they rushed to the residence after receiving a 911 call from a 15-year-old girl. Officers heard a riot of bloodcurdling screams in the background of the call. As they drive toward the house, police dispatch can be heard saying, “We have a woman on the line, she’s reporting that her mother just killed her sister. She’s reporting that there’s a knife involved, we’re trying to get further.” … the mother has stabbed her sister”. Later in the video, officers can be seen approaching a residence where the door was left ajar.

Jessica Deirdre Edward-Ricks Age

The age of Jessica Deirdre Edward-Ricks is 35 year.


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Charges on Jessica Deirdre Edward-Ricks

As the officers approach the crime scene, they draw their weapons as they establish their presence and walk through the house. All the doors to the rooms seemed to be open except the bathroom which was locked. A responding officer kicked in the door and found a woman sitting in the bathroom with the child. “No, what’s going on?” the officer yelled as the woman moved to the back of the tub. They immediately began performing CPR on the boy, who appeared lifeless. “She’s been stabbed in the throat,” he can be heard saying as she walks into another room.

“We have a child with a stab wound to the chest, we need medical priority one,” the officer is heard saying before trying to rescue the baby. The footage darkens as they explain that “the mother was drowning him in the bathtub when we found him.” While giving CPR, the officer can be heard counting to ten and begging the baby to breathe. After a while, the girl can be heard starting to cry again and spitting up water as the officials turned her on her side. Footage then shows rescuers patting her on the back as she lies on her side in a cloth diaper.

Officers then examined other rooms where they found a 4-year-old boy with horrific stab wounds. Authorities believe the two children had ingested cleaning fluid. The children were taken to a hospital in Jackson before being airlifted to Ann Arbor. The two children were reportedly released from the hospital on Monday. In addition to the duo, two unharmed girls, ages 8 and 15, were also found in the house. Jessica, who is pleading not guilty to the crime, faces six felony counts, including two counts of assault with intent to commit murder, two first-degree child abuse and two second-degree child abuse. Bail for her was set at $500,000.Read More…….


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