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A Nevada man Jorge Portell bludgeoned his uncle to death with a 10-pound weight for a series of delusions on a global scale, police in Sin City say. On June 27, police responded to a residence on Vegas Valley Drive after being tipped off about a possible disturbance, according to a news release from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

But when the police arrived, the fight was already over. “Arriving officers located a male who was unresponsive and suffering from visible injuries,” the LVMPD press release reads. “Medical personnel responded and declared the victim deceased at the scene.”

Jorge Portell, 27, is charged with one count of open murder with a deadly weapon and first degree kidnapping. He is currently being held without bond at the Clark County Detention Center.


Jorge Portell Age

The age of Jorge Portell is 27 year.

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Jorge Portell accused of killing uncle

The grim and shocking details of the murder were aired in an LVMPD incident report obtained by local Fox affiliate KVVU, local CBS affiliate KLAS, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal last week. The initial 911 call was made by Portell’s mother and the deceased’s sister, Leonell Blandon, 56. She told dispatchers that her brother had called and said that her son, her nephew, was “out of control.”

The defendant, the dead man allegedly said, was throwing chairs and other household objects at him. So Portell’s mother left work and headed home in an effort to defuse the situation. She was too late. Portell’s mother, whose name was not released, told police she saw blood on the walls and floor of the residence, and that her son was cleaning it up. When she asked her son where her uncle was, the man allegedly did not tell her. She left and called the police.


According to the LVMPD report, officers found the defendant still in the process of cleaning up the blood. One officer wrote that Portell went on to say that he had followed “the rules of engagement,” explaining that Blandon attacked him and he had to defend himself.

Finally, the defendant allegedly said, “I’m going to chop up the bull, he’s dead in my closet.” After more officers arrived, police found Blandon’s body in a closet that had been shielded with a glass tabletop, among other items.

Blood was found throughout the bedroom, police wrote. There were also allegedly drag marks on the floor and a blood-covered dumbbell with the number “10” inscribed on it. Blandon’s body had clearly been hit on the head and several of his teeth were broken.


Portell allegedly confessed to the murder, saying that he and Blandon got into a fight that ended with about 10 or 15 blows to the deceased’s head with a dumbbell, but he vacillated between regret for the murder itself and regret for not killing the man sooner. .

“Jorge initially stated that he acted in self-defense in his sleep because ‘the individual’ and [redacted] were involved in genocide and multiple murders,” the LVMPD report states. “They had apparently been coordinating with the military, classified branches, the United Nations and the President of the United States, and were involved in a coordinated attack that included money laundering and assassination.”

Questioned on another occasion about the death of the man he described as “the individual,” Portell, who denied any connection to Blandon, reportedly said: “The action I committed was inappropriate.”


Portell’s mother contextualized her son’s alleged conspiracy theory-laden confession. She told police that her son had had a drug problem since he was 14 and that he was “out of his mind” and that he would “talk like crazy about the FBI and the government.” The defendant’s mother said that her son never attacked her, but that, in the past, she had often called the police for “aggressive behavior, drug use and suicide attempts.”

Blandon had been homeless in California, Portell’s mother said. She was staying with her sister and her son in order to recover. The victim, who came to stay there in the last week or two, recently got a job at a nearby McDonald’s.Read More………

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