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A 14-year-old boy admitted to police that he stole his mother’s 9mm handgun just hours before allegedly shooting and killing a Battle Creek Central student last month, according to probable cause documents obtained by the Enquirer. Justice James Chimner is charged with four felony counts, including murder, in the shooting death of 17-year-old Jack Snyder.

Chimner and a 13-year-old suspect allegedly attempted to abduct Snyder near the corner of Battle Creek Avenue and Capital Avenue SW just after midnight on February 17. Snyder was shot twice and police found him a short time later on the road next to his vehicle.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. In a subsequent interview with Battle Creek Police Detective Brandin Huggett, Chimner explained that he had been out with a friend on February 16 when he witnessed a Snapchat conversation of someone asking them to steal a vehicle for money, according to the probable cause documents.


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The age of Justice James Chimner is not known.

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Justice James Chimner accused of killing a boy

Chimner told police that he did not know the person’s real name, but that his friend, a 13-year-old boy, “had stolen vehicles for this person in the past.” Chimner told the detective that he and the 13-year-old boy went to hang out with friends in the Battle Creek Avenue area around 11 p.m. February 16th. Soon after, they started walking down the road.

Shortly after midnight, Snyder was leaving his girlfriend’s birthday party in the 200 block of Battle Creek Avenue when he noticed both teens walking. The 17-year-old offered to give the boys a lift as the wind chill approached 12 degrees, and the two climbed into Snyder’s vehicle, a 2006 Lincoln Zephyr. “It was very cold outside that night and Snyder was trying to be a good guy,” Chimner told police.


The 13-year-old boy told Snyder to pull over as they approached the intersection of Battle Creek Avenue and Capital Avenue SW, Chimner explained. The younger teen then reached over and took out the keys from the ignition of Snyder’s vehicle. At that point, Chimner pulled out a 9mm handgun and pointed it at Snyder, he told police, admitting he had stolen the gun from his mother on Feb. 16.Read More…..

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